Next year, for the first time in almost 40 years, Galveston might not have an official Mardi Gras celebration.

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Don Schlessinger

Do the smart thing, cancel Mardi Gras this year. A few of us islanders will appreciate the break. It's too long an event and costs we taxpayers $$ that shouldn't be spent right now.

Paul Harrington

Alan Flores will finally get exactly what he wants. Free access to downtown with absolutely zero entertainment and the police stretched thin so people can have a beer at the mediocre Shark Shack.

Allen Flores

Mr. Harrington - It's untrue that myself and the other merchants have ever wanted Mardi Gras cancelled. We love Mardi Gras and the parades. We are against people being charged to come into our businesses. We are also against beer and food booths placed in front of our business. There are better locations available that are better-suited for entertainment and vendors on the island. Over 40 businesses signed petitions to relocate the the promoter's drinking parties so tax dollars are not used to pay the promoter's expenses. The back-room deals should end. Moving drinking parties and vendors away from family businesses (and cruise ship terminals) is financially smarter.

Paul Harrington

Allen, I'd first like to apologize for spelling your name wrong. That's my mistake. You know, I actually believe you might have a point on particular issues like location of particular beer booths and such but where you lost my respect was when your criticized the attendees of Mardi Gras and Biker Rally. You called us degenerates and "bad people."

Allen Flores

I referred only to "those who started the riots and threw bottles at police" as bad people. Using The Strand as a concert venue is no longer financially smart or safe. If the city manager and city council would simply move the vendors and concerts to an appropriate area (remote beach area, fairground or such), the disruption to residents and businesses would be resolved. The promoters would pay all of their own expenses without continued misappropriation of tax dollars.

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