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Ron Shelby

If the candidates can’t enter into an agreement with the city to keep their own city clean, then vote against them. Anyone who wants to contribute to trashing the city with campaign signs doesn’t need to be in office. That’s not the kind of individual who will be working for the betterment of citizens. On the other hand, those who can voluntarily restrain themselves, demonstrating the intent of the council’s ordinance, they are the ones who deserve serious consideration for the job. That would include those who pull back their signs now after discussion and consideration.

David Schuler

Absolutely agree.

Jeff Patterson

Agree...well stated. Signs don’t vote, people do. Get out there and pound the pavement to gain your supporters

Bailey Jones


Carlos Ponce

See SCOTUS ruling Reed v. Town of Gilbert:


and Auspro Enterprises, LP v. Texas Department of Transportation


"Conclusion: Guided by Reed, we are compelled to reverse the district court's judgment and render judgment severing Subchapters B and C  from the Texas Highway Beautification Act as unconstitutional content-based restrictions on speech."

Bill Cochrane

“The U.S. Supreme Court in 2015 ruled the town of Gilbert, Arizona, couldn’t impose strict restrictions on signs based on their content.”

So, this means that I can advertise my business by using formally illegal “Bandit Signs” in friends and customers yards? I’ve always wondered why politicians could use yard signs, but nobody else could. Oh, wait! Politicians control signage. Never mind.

Gary Scoggin

There is a difference between Political Speech and Commercial Speech.

Bill Cochrane

And, Taxpaying Citizen speech.

Wayne Holt

Perhaps it's just me but Quiroga sounds like he's OK with trashing up the city at the first available date "so he can get his name out early." Keese sounds like he has a realistic assessment of how most residents perceive eternal political campaigns.

Quiroga has succeeded in getting his name out. He's gotten his name out of the running for mayor, at least with me. I will be voting for Bill Keese.

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