A state senator from New Braunfels has asked Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for an opinion on how Texas cities can regulate stores selling guns and ammunition and cites Galveston as a worrisome example.

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Paul Hyatt

Just more assault upon our rights as citizens by the typical group that hates the Constitution....

Gary Scoggin

“... hates the Constitution.” Hmmm, over-reacting a bit, don’t you think?

Carlos Ponce

Senator Donna Campbell, MD is a double-board certified physician certified in both emergency room medicine and ophthalmology and proud parent of four daughters. She lives in New Braunfels and represents Senate District 25, a six county district stretching across Central Texas, which includes parts of San Antonio and Austin.
State Senator Donna Campbell filed Senate Bill 535 a day after the Senate honored Stephen Willeford, the hero of the Sutherland Springs church shooting.
"We have learned many times over that there is no such thing as a gun free zone. Those with evil intentions will violate the law and carry out their heinous acts no matter what," Senator Campbell stated. "It makes no sense to disarm the good guys and leave law-abiding citizens defenseless where violent offenders break the law to do great harm."

Carlos Ponce

Galveston Gun Shop Regulations, Page 37 of PDF:
A.Limited Use Standards.
1.Proof of Permitting. The applicant shall provide proof of application for any permits required by the State of Texas or the Federal Government at the time of application for limited use approval, and shall provide proof of issuance of any required licenses before commencing operations.
2.Use Limitation. Outdoor shooting ranges are prohibited.
3.Minimum Distance from Certain Locations. The use shall be located at least 200 feet from a school, public park or place of worship, measured as a radius from property lines of the limited use.
4.Scale of Use.In the C, CB, REC/RES districts, a gun shop with an indoor firing range shall be developed on a tractor lot with a minimum area of 20,000 square feet.
5.Noise Limitation.Outdoor noise levels shall be maintained at the same noise decibel existing prior to the development of a firing range.
Gun Shop means any premise or portion thereof used principally for the sale of firearms, ammunition and/or ammunition components, or hunting-related shooting equipment. The term does not include a department or specialty sales area that occupies less than half the floor area of a sporting goods or general merchandise store. Page 284

Steve Fouga

These regs seem entirely reasonable to me, if maybe a little arbitrary.

The main problems facing a gun store would have in Galveston are insufficient population to support it, and a fairly well-stocked Academy Sports and Outdoors already on the Island.

Carlos Ponce

"These regs seem entirely reasonable to me..."
The good Senator is comparing this to the proposed San Antonio ordinance. In stead of Galveston's 200 ft they have 1000 feet of a school or church.

Steve Fouga

Good point. Lots of churches in Galveston. 200 ft seems about right, 1000 excessive.

Gary Scoggin

These type restrictions exist for other types of legitimate businesses. It’s a fair question as to how they should apply here. (I have no strong feelings one way or another.) Taking this through the AG’s office and ultimately the Courts is how these issues are best settled.

George Croix


Rusty Schroeder

On a different note, I cannot believe this paper has not acknowledged Joe Max Taylor's passing.

Gary Miller

With the election of a New York Brat and publishing of her 'Green new deal' we now know why the founders included the second amendment in our BILL of RIGHTS.
If the socialists actually tried to pass Her 'Green new Deal' It would be time to put the second amendment to work. A full blown civil war would be less destructive than what she wants to do to America.

Steve Fouga

Explain what you mean by "put the second amendment to work."

George Croix

Never gonna happen.
I still think MOST Americans do not have full blown cerebrorectumitis, despite some temporary cranial relocation by some....
Even with the widespread derangement of the 'resistance', the dimmest of other bulbs will begin to shine when they figure out that without fossil fuels they can't get to work. Can't go to a grocery store and find food in it because there will be nio 18 wheelers to deliver it. Can't get water out of the tap. Can't do ANYTHING that we do now, because EVERYTHING that we do is in some way dependent at some point on use of fossil fuels. Everything.
That's just ONE of the absurdities in the 'Green New Deal' that so many of Congressional leftists are championing, along with the usual suspects content to tag along..... I guess they forgot already that the last Admin. pushing their "Green Eneregy' extremism ended up PAYING ABOUT 2 MILLION BUCKS EACH to create a 'green' job.......and finally had to admit the unviability and commercial failure of it all when stand-alone and unsubsidized.
Continuing the fantasy, imagine if you will EVERY SINGLE BUILDING in the country having to be rebuilt/remodeled to the new 'green' standards.
Imagine world commerce without airplane travel into/from the USA.
Imagine OUR commerce without the ability travel further and/or carry more weight than an electric powered vehicle allows.
Imagine the increase in your home utility bills, as just electricity alone would become affordable only by the very top earners who would also soon cease to be that under a 70 to 90% 'fair share' tax. ASSUMING the grid did not collapse entirely.
Only the Left considers it 'fair' to punish work and reward sloth and lack of initiative....something the 'guaranteed income for all including those unwilling to work' bears out.
Imagine your weeks long wait for all 'health care' after all doctors are required to work under ONLY Medicare payout schedules, meaning unless they are fools you will find a rapidly shrinking supply of doctors and hospitals, as only an idiot would voluntarily take on hundreds of thousands to millions in debt to get pennies on the dollar back.....At best, you'll enjoy waiting along with anyone, that's anyone, who can get into the country because it's supposedly 'free' care for ALL.....
As with all Utopian silliness, a lot of heat and noise gets generated, until finally the light shines through.....
Gary, the Founders, created the Second Amendment right after the First, precisely because they were getting rid of one source of despotic leadership, and knew...knew...that power eventually corrupts, and eventually the despots would be internal......the beginning salvo would be fired (no pun) at freedom of speech, and anyone with eyes and ears can see and hear that in the many, many, now common Leftist calls for physical confrontation with and removal of opposing viewpoints from even being spoken. The 'shouting down' of the First Amendment.
These same folks usually...not always, but usually....want no part of the 2nd.
It's like demanding that others drown, but in the end, only the others have the life jackets.........[beam][beam][beam]
The 'resistance' aside, Americans are still too smart to fall for this crap being pushed by the 'stuff for everybody' crowd, and will get rid of them once their own pockets start to suffer...
Why does anyone think the uber Left so desperately advocates for and demands MORE illegal immigration into the country.....coincidentally also advocating for amnesty......
In your daily lives, does anyone with any sense at all REALLY want to be associated with the 'plan' of a freshman Representative who did not even know the three branches of Government, and who says the answer to "how do we pay for it all" is "print more money".......

Can't fix that........

Paul Harrington

I see how much this relates to the article. You should try posting this on A lot of people will agree with you there.

George Croix

Thanks, Paul. I appreciate the tip even if not the comprehension.
Easiest thing is just report me if I displease you. I promise it won’t hurt my feelings.....

Steve Fouga

George, this might be the only thing I've seen from you that makes no sense to me. It's an angry rant presenting worst-case scenarios across a broad array of topics in response to a clearly over-the-top manifesto that grownups will eventually mitigate and turn into something that can be shaped into policy.

Don't worry so much.

George Croix

Well, that’s fine by me because I was responding to Gary M three days ago, and he understood, so my work there is done for now...,,
I actually disagreed with any need for what he mentioned, and gave credit to voters, all kinds, for not being stupid enough to let political Prt Rocks lead them by the nose.
Perhaps the disconnect is my inclusion of relevant materials not directly enumerated.....
Nothing new there from my end.....😏

Gary Scoggin

The goon news is that the Green NewDeal will work well if we can repeal two sets of laws.
The bad news is that those two laws are the laws of physics and the laws of thermodynamics.

George Croix

Yes, the Green New Deal IS ‘goon’ news, for sure....😉
I’m a bad influence to you Gary in so many ways. 😀😉😏🙃

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