Local and nationwide demands for changes in policing and police tactics have some local officers in Galveston County feeling attacked, unfairly lumped in with bad actors and on edge as they go to work every day, they said.

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Kenneth Cambiano

Come on America. One bad apple doesn’t ruin the whole basket. This all needs to stop. We should make July 4th as the end to all this and get back to being Americans in the greatest country in the world. Police officers hold your heads up and do your jobs no matter what any one else thinks. Stop the rioting and looting and all the other crimes that are being committed and act like Americans. If anyone wants to exercise your rights do it like an American not a criminal. This whole thing has has gotten completely out of control and should stop now.

Bailey Jones

Actually, one bad apple does ruin the whole basket - that's why we have the idiom. Just try it if you don't believe me.

Police are just people. And people tend to want to defend the group or institution they belong to. So when "one bad apple" does something bad, instead of tossing that bad apple into the garbage where it belongs, fellow apples rally around it to protect the institution. We see this everyday with sexual scandal - the catholic church, the southern baptists, the boy scouts - all good organizations with a "few bad apples" and a history of decades of covering them up and moving them around the basket - spreading the rot instead of excising it.. It's extraordinarily hard for any member of a tightly knit group to stand up and point to the bad apple and declare - that apple has to go. That's why we need independent civilian review boards - they give cover to the good apples, and make it possible to get rid of the bad.

Carlos Ponce

"Actually, one bad apple does ruin the whole basket - that's why we have the idiom." And when you find "one bad apple" remove it.

Gary Miller

Bailey> Well said.

Bailey Jones

"they worry that some people view entire departments, rather than individuals, negatively" - no community likes being profiled. Lesson learned?

Christopher Smith

If the good cops don't want to be lumped in with the bad, then they need to lead the calls for reform and accountability.

PD Hyatt

I wish that the MSM like the GDN would let the Police departments across this land know that there are many of us who support our thin blue line against the ignorance that has swept this nation. The protests after Floyd's death I at first understood until they started their insanity of killing, stealing and destroying everything in site! What was amazing and incredibly sad was when they started burning, looting and killing their own. That is when I knew that this was not about Floyd's death this was about a plan to destroy our nation's police so that they could then try to rise up and destroy our nation and our way of life. Defunding police departments is about the most asinine thing that these people could do for our nation. Who are they going to call to help them when the thugs or the thug protesters start up again and burning down the areas? They going to call a Social Worker to deal with these fools? Look how well that has worked in all of the democrat areas that have bullied their police departments into inaction! Wisdom in our nation has gone out the door and insanity has replaced it!

tom carpenter

That's true, but the insanity ends in November!

Carlos Ponce

"the insanity ends in November!" Those with a word of knowledge disagree. With Trump's re-election the crazies will riot claiming once again the election was "stolen". They will cite the polls that suggest Biden winning. They haven't figured out that polling has not caught of the 21st Century and polling methods must be re-evaluated to come close to accurate.

Gary Miller

PD HYATT> Well said. If only more people took time to THINK as you have.

Gary Miller

Supporting law enforcement and cutting funding can be mutually agreeable efforts. Four door trucks and maxed out SUV's are not needed for good law enforcement. Hundreds of cops, on overtime, watching looters, vandals and arsenists but doing nothing about it doesn't improve public attitude about cops. Electing Democrat mayors or governors who tell police to "give rioters space" has turned blue state and cities into free crime zones. In those places anything spent on law enforcement is wasted.

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