Volunteers who monitor island coastal wildlife say they’ve encountered unusually high numbers of dead animals near the Galveston Ship Channel this month, but they’re not sure why.

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Rusty Schroeder

Just look north.

Terry Moore

Exactly! Our water is and has been contaminated more so than not. So sad.

Ray Taft

According to this story, that appears to be insinuating last month’s fire at Intercontinental Terminals Co. tank fire in Deer Park is somehow responsible for killing wildlife:

- The Turtle Island Restoration Network says they’ve encountered unusually high numbers of dead animals near the Galveston Ship Channel this month. The network is worried about potential environmental effects from the fire.

- While the Galveston Park Board of Trustees staff, isn’t noticing a difference in the number of dead animals on beaches.

- Meanwhile, the Galveston Bay Foundation says it’s not yet clear what the long-term effects are. GBF has not jumped to any conclusions.

- The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department sent biologists out to evaluate what the Turtle Island Restoration Network reported to them. The department has not jumped to conclusions.

- Local and state agencies are still conducting analysis, which will take time to complete. They are not jumping to conclusions either.

Is this a Fake News story jumping to unsubstantiated conclusions to support the Democrats’ Green New Deal?

Bailey Jones

Yes, Ray. In fact, every thing you see, hear or read is part of a great left wing communist conspiracy to take America back to bicycles and horse power. Why is Trump sanctioning Iran except to drive oil prices higher and make wind and solar more attractive? Why are these companies "accidentally" dumping huge amounts of chemicals into the environment except to turn the public against the use of petrochemicals? Why this push in Galveston to give away free lights to bikers? Why can't people see that this is all being orchestrated by the diabolical mind of our most junior congresswoman and the ex-waitress, AOC??? Wake up, America!!!

Ron Woody

This was entertaining and worthy of "The Onion".

Well done, Mr. Jones!

Marshall Nichols

My thoughts exactly. You left out Crooked Hillary and Obama though.

Don Schlessinger

Tough day Bailey? Actually this is all caused by global warming. Were you just being nice or do you not see the real problem?

Bobby Pope

No one blames Bush, Cheney and Halliburton anymore

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