The Gulf hasn’t been kind to dunes and beaches this year.

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Bill Cochrane

The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results. This defies common sense. They want a "line"? How about simply continuing what fixed this problem years ago? Extend the seawall as was planned but never implemented years ago.

The original plan for the seawall was to extend it as the city grew to the west. And it was extended several times. Then for some reason, it stopped? Hint- Have you ever heard anyone that has property on the seawall ask where the vegetation line is?

Susan Fennewald

The only places where erosion was a problem this year are where houses were too close to the water. This is primarily a problem for the property owners. (Few, if any, people actually "live" in the front row of houses, so I prefer not to call them "homes".)

The IDC shouldn't even be spending money on sand fencing. That should be the responsibility of the property owner or the HOA.

Spending money to save houses that are too close to the water is like throwing money into the gulf endlessly.

Don Schlessinger

"Spending money to save houses that are too close to the water is like throwing money into the gulf endlessly." We'll know how things are going on the west end when we see Carol Severance's name back in our local news.

Coote Wright-Broughton

A main point of contention, is the city owned beach access points. It would be nice if the city would clean the access points to stop people trespassing on private property to get to the beach.

Ron Binkley

What some people don't know, or probably forgot is that the front row houses in neighborhoods like Sunny Beach used to be third row houses. There used to be two streets and three rows of houses in front of my house.

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