Talks continue about seaweed cleanup on West End

Clumps of sargassum are scattered on the beach near 8 Mile Road in Galveston on Monday, June 24, 2019. The Park Board will again hear proposals about who can clean up seaweed on the West End.


West End homeowner associations might regain the ability to use heavy equipment for seaweed cleanup under an agreement with the Park Board of Trustees, which is slated to vote Tuesday.

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Kim Etheridge

GDN - who does your proofreading??? There is a text box in the print edition quoting Peggy Zahler as saying, “Any time you tell property owners that have invested a lot of money that they cannot do something to help them enjoy their poverty...”. I doubt that’s what she said.

keriheath Staff
Keri Heath

Hello Kim, The correct quote should have been "property" instead of "poverty." I sincerely apologize for the mistake, and for it being repeated in the pull out quote. Thank you for pointing out our error.

Robert Braeking

Quote from this article: "The park board isn’t required by the state to clean seaweed because it’s considered beneficial to a beach’s ecology." Hmmmm Perhaps adding sand to the beach would become unnecessary if the seaweed were allowed to do it's job. BTW - the amount of seaweed is an indication of the health of the Gulf. More weed is healthy.

Joanie Steinhaus

The removal of all surface debris creates a sterile, artificial environment and further exacerbates the disconnection between society and our natural environment.

Steve Fouga

Joanie, I can see that point of view, and also this one: "The removal of all surface debris creates pristine, accessible beaches so that more people can enjoy the connection between society and our natural environment."

Bill Broussard

“but increased seaweed on beaches this summer is prompting homeowners associations to push for more cleaning.”. Keri. I just took a close look at the photo for this article and I cannot imagine the abject suffering those three clips must cause folks!

Bill Broussard

“Any time you tell property owners that have invested a lot of money that they cannot do something to help them enjoy their property, I don’t think it’s going to be well accepted,” Zahler said.” Not having Marquette would have helped me enjoy mine. Not having disabled beach access closed four times by PPOA requiring my to work with the city and the GLO so I could get my wife to the beach would have helped me enjoy mine and not hearing “our private beach” at HOA’s every time beach access or seaweed comes up sure as heck would allow me to enjoy mine. After living out here on the west end since 1984 and on the island since birth, I’m a little sick of you and the beachfront crying about how everyone BUT you are the source of your continuing mistreatment. As your beachfront erodes so does your whining credibility

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