Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush on Friday said he favored building a coastal barrier along beaches, rather than highways, on Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula.

The Texas General Land Office issued the statement amid a groundswell of concern among residents that a barrier the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has proposed would leave hundreds of homes between a wall and the Gulf of Mexico.

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Ray Taft

Do not get your hopes up that Bush will see to it that the barrier is build where citizens want it and not where the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wants it.

Here is his quote in the article: “I support locating the barrier on or along the beach, however, data and engineering studies must still be done before we can determine the placement of the levee,” Bush said.

His statement that he wants it on beaches may only be fodder for the masses. That ‘however’ is politician Bush’s out to side with whomever wins his attention. Bush is saying he can be convinced to do what the Army Corps of Engineers wants.

Don Schlessinger

Just a guess, but I think the cost of the project will increase to place the "whatever" on the beach.

Steve Fouga

I guess I’m the only one who thinks the barrier, if built, should be with the highways on top of it, to protect them from flooding, and to enable one right-of-way to serve two purposes, thus reducing the overall right-of-way footprint. Or just don’t build the barrier; that would reduce its footprint even more.

Rusty Schroeder

If they are to ever be built, which I hope they're not, I agree with your idea and think it is a good one. Be one way to see the beach at least.

George Croix

I think (?) this is correct:
The beach, being public, meaning State owned, would not NEED any rights of way hassles to build on it exclusively, as the land is already owned by the State, so building a 25 foot high or so dirt wall along the State right of way/beaches would eliminate that part of the lawsuits action......or should......
There'd still be the enviro-activists to deal with, along with whatever other objections could be drug into court.
Bringing the question, can one then sue for Loss of Pleasant View.....??[unsure]

Paul Sivon

“Public” in reference to beach means the public has the right to access part of it, not that it is owned by the State. It is, with few exception areas, privately owned.

George Croix

OK. Then, this is wrong??:

"The Texas Supreme Court has made it clear that once acquired, public easements do not "roll" when the mean high-tide line changes due to an avulsive event such as a hurricane.
The state will own the "wet beach" (any land seaward of the mean-high-tide line), but the "dry beach" (beach that is landward of the mean-high-tide line, but seaward of the vegetation line) may be privately owned, regardless of any pre-existing easements on the beach prior to the avulsive event."

Gary Scoggin

“Loss of pleasant view” would be a consideration in an environmental impact study.

George Croix

Didn't know that.....
I should get a reverse environmental impact study done, then, of my FEMA trash neighbors' yard.....I'd be happy to lose that view.....
I wonder who would do the deciding as to what's more pleasant.....rolling waves lapping at the shore or a 14' storm surge rolling through a second floor.........

George Croix

If the 'dike wall' is beach located, then the highways and roads are surge protected....if it holds.........

Steve Fouga

New plan has no gate at the Pass, so road will flood from behind. Still, your reasoning makes sense to me. The same should be true of FM 3005 and SH 87.

George Croix

Duly noted.
Would require a drive over there.
Anyway, you wouldn't care to bet a couple cases of cold Diet Coke that the 'plan' won't change a time or two or more, would you.
Safe bet, since neither of us will be around to pay off anyway.............

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