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Ron Shelby

The other problem not having an ordinance can lead to is the failure (paricularly of losing candidates) to take down their signs after an election. If they are allowed year 'round then theres no need to,...eslecially if they are in a profession where getting their name out there is key to their business success.

Bailey Jones

I'm in the "no political signs in the right of way" camp. Plaster your yard, your car, your business, your social media, rent one of those airplanes that tow giant banners - but I'm trying to get across the street, and I need to be able to see where I'm going.

Don Schlessinger


Carlos Ponce

Bailey should put out political signs of his own spouting "no political signs in the right of way". So you want to stifle free speech? That's okay, Bailey. Those rules of Freedom of Speech only apply to government entities.

Ron Binkley

Take it to the voters and let us decide. Personally, I feel it's sign pollution. You open the gates and flood begins!

Miceal O'Laochdha

It is sometimes amazing the amount phony posturing and general crap of all kinds that hides itself behind the ample skirts of "Free Speech"

Carol Dean

The First Amendment supercedes HOA and city "rules". Just ask Sandra Day O'Conner.

Bailey Jones

The 1st amendment isn't absolute. You can't, for instance, post a political sign within so many feet of a voting place - or walk in wearing a campaign button. I'm not sure that public property is an appropriate venue for political advertising. It seems like a conflict of interest at the very least, and - in the case of the right of way along Galveston's already obstructed streets - potentially dangerous.

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