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David Schuler

Finally! Hope this will apply to more than streets; when installing the Portland Loos on the seawall, city contractors dug ALL the holes and THEN discovered how difficult it was going to be. A multi-year inconvenience for thousands of pedestrians and cyclists. I would like to see one final step - using ground penetrating radar to find out what is really under a street before digging it up. A relatively inexpensive GPR survey could have found the drain (or rather lack thereof) under 45th and so could have saved months of dug-up street. Let's use the tools that are now readily available.

Brian Maxwell

We have tried this and due to our high water table it is not conclusive. Even after using it on the Seawall we had limited success with the results.

Anne Reiswerg

Are crews working weekends if the weather is good?

City Manager

Our city crews work as needed. I believe the contractor is working Saturdays on 45th.

Carter Roper

Then bring someone in like ISG or AAA Flexible Pipe to TV all storm and sewer lines under the street during your design phase. The Civil Engineer you have under contract has failed if they don't understand what is under their project.

Carter Roper

Please post a map showing the projects included in the 2017 Bond Election. Thanks.

City Manager

Hi Carter,

The most comprehensive map we have readily available is here: https://galveston.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=aec809a130454501bf8ed7c2c8e50d64

This shows all the projects in the Capital Improvement Plan that are in progress or nearing. The best tab to search for the information you're seeking is "CIP Streets and Traffic." These maps do include projects funded by the 2017 bond election and other sources, which is explained on the site.

If this does not answer your question or if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the City's Public Information Office at 409-797-3546. Thanks.

Jack Reeves

I can only imagine the complexity in planning the improvements that everyone wants and needs. Granted, this particular project has kind of turned into a growing ball of yarn. But, I think about how far we have come since IKE. I'm sure most of us suffered substantial loss or inconvenience during that time and the associated recovery. There is always a better way to do anything but, I'm pretty happy with the way that Mr. Maxwell and some of the others over there have guided us in the past few years. I'll bet that after 45th Street, a whole lot will have been learned about how to approach a project like this.

mark jones

It's terrible what has happened with 45th Street and businesses there. This is a street repair that went bad due to improper planning and slow reaction to problems.

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