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niki wise

Actually known as the Henry Beissner Building.

Jim Casey

The intersection of 22nd and Postoffice is confusing for drivers. It's not the only one. I often see people run stop signs or stop when they don't have to.
I suggested that all the stops be made 4-way, but the traffic department said it wouldn't work, some years ago.

Steve Fouga

I second your suggestion! I often stop when I don't have to, because Galveston intersections are regulated differently from what I'm used to in other cities. It sometimes seems like signage was designed specifically to either cause wrecks or trap drivers into breaking the law.

Galveston is rife with intersections where the stop signs are confusing, inconsistent, inadequate, or in some cases, unnecessary. Driving in Galveston makes me feel that stop signs were placed almost, but not quite, at random, with an eye toward fooling drivers, but no thought of sight lines, consistent traffic flow, etc. I've seen nothing like it in 50+ years of driving.

A while back, Brian Maxwell responded to a comment, either in this forum or on Facebook, that the City planned to conduct a science-based, best-practice-driven review of Galveston's intersections, resulting in changes to signage, trimming of vegetation, etc. I don't know if the study has been done, is still planned, or has been dropped. I haven't see any concrete results so far.

City Manager

We have been applying best practice applications to any intersection we touch. For many years the method of application was political and not based on the International Traffic rules that we should be following. Stops are based on traffic flow, counts and speed as they should be, not based on a citizen saying "you need a stop sign here". That particular intersection has the lighter volume yielding to the higher volume and speed as it should be. The signs are clear and stop bars are present.

City of Galveston

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