Island leaders are hoping to complete a decades-old effort to create a mechanism for economic development by forming a new group early next year.

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Bailey Jones

Galveston has plenty of middle income housing - just drive down any street on the east end and count the empty homes. What is needed is financing that allows people to buy one of these older homes and bring it back to a livable condition. A lot of people can get a $100K mortgage, but they don't have an extra $50K - $100K in their pocket for renovations.

Richard Moore

This initiative could be very beneficial to Galveston! Affordable housing is simply not available on the island. Given there are a lot of "fixer-uppers" as Mr. Jones indicates, but Teachers and others that might come to live on the Island would most likely want to have a relatively new home that does not require a lot of work. A few months ago I did a search on one of the websites (Trulia I believe) and there was only ONE home for sale for $300K or less, and less than 30 years old, that was behind the Seawall! This groups purpose as described in the article is "Right On".

Mary Branum

Today on there are 145 listings for single family homes under $250,000!

One must take into consideration the additional costs associated with home ownership: property taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance. These costs can be well over $500 per month in addition to a mortgage. Windstorm alone can be 70% of additional costs. Affordable housing is not only the purchase price of the property.

Theresa Elliott

Creeping appraisal values are also contributing to the high cost of ownership in addition to insurance and tax increases. I can only hope that any more affordable housing is not funded by our tax dollars - many people are struggling to be able to afford to live here and those same tax payers should not fund more subsidized housing. Hopefully the foundations who are funding Vision Galveston will provide the funds for this new initiative, otherwise it is just contributing to the problem by having the tax payers bearing more expenses than we already do.

Charlotte O'rourke

Tax dollars are already being spent to restore historical and NCD homes. The city might want to change the criteria so the exemptions go to property owners that LIVE here so that the community gets several benefits - property owners living here, infrastructure repairs and saving historical and older homes everywhere, revitalized neighborhoods, and eventually higher taxes. Just a thought.

Jeff Baker

There is plenty of affordable housing in Hitchcock and Texas City and LaMarque area. Living on the island is and always has been expensive. Maybe the City can work on Reducing Crime and then some of the older historical homes that are looking bad in the East end will bring buyers with money to rebuild . them.!!

Charlotte O'rourke

Who can argue with reducing crime? Wish we had more policemen living here.

Charlotte O'rourke

You can’t start soon enough. Bring it on!

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