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Diane Turski

Once again Abbott forces a "one size fits all" mandate on the entire state. Elections have consequences! It's past time to elect people who actually care about their constituents' needs. Remove Abbott!

Carlos Ponce

All for it, Diane if his opponent is more Conservative. Abbott has been tilting to the Left on some issues. Not good.

Charlotte O'rourke

Numerous GDN articles exist about being unable to find summer workers - prior to the pandemic - in Galveston and the need to hire J1 visa students as personnel instead of hiring locals.

Another excuse is now being used today with a pandemic to early terminate unemployment benefits. It is the chambers right to endorse or not endorse a position, but I’m disturbed when governmental entities contribute money - public money - to the chamber and it endorses political ideas or candidates for office which I may or may not personally agree with.

Complex problems shouldn’t be reduced to single solution ideas that hurt American workers and families.

George Laiacona

Not surprising, business owners are members of the chamber not employees. Republicans will continue to follow the money. The lower classes are the working class employees. They are the ones who have to take chances with the customers. They cannot be sure if the customer is carrying the Trump Virus or not. They are forced to work for substandard wages while dealing with potential virus risks.

Carlos Ponce

"Republicans will continue to follow the money." So what do Democrats follow?

Paula Flinn

The needs of the people, science, and the truth. We don’t believe the Big Lie, and the Dems didn’t cause the Insurrection on Jan. 6. Over 400 people have been arrested for that.

George Laiacona

Democrats and Independents follow the needs of the American lower classes not the upper rich

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