Ella Schreiter’s idea for the 2021 Clear Creek Independent School District’s Science & Engineering Fair was rejected multiple times. Her science fair mentor, Joey Segura, didn’t think her project about reverse design process thinking was strong or matched her true interest — engineering.

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Bailey Jones

[thumbup] You go, Ella. What a terrific idea. I remember 100 years ago when I was in the band how difficult it could be to keep the beat when the band is spread out over a football field - due to the delay in sound across that distance. You really had to concentrate on the director who was standing on a platform at the edge of the field - while you're also trying to pay attention to where your feet are going. Brilliant, and simple - like the best ideas.

Carlos Ponce

"difficult it could be to keep the beat when the band is spread out over a football field"

A beginning student just learning to read music this invention is understandable. But keeping your eye on the drum major to keep your tempo is the mark of a good marching band member. A marching band member has no music, has to remember the notes, keep up with the drum major's tempo and march in perfect step with the show. A UIL judge can see and hear who is out of step with the drum major. Look at the top marching bands and you will see the members facing the drum major at all times even if that means marching sideways.

Reading this story I am reminded of "Mr. Holland's Opus" where Mr. Holland (Richard Dreyfus) placed a helmet on bass drummer, Louis Russ (Terrence Howard), and drummed the helmet while the drummer beat the drum.

The Beatles had to tap out the beat with their feet because their music and the crowd were too loud. In concerts you will see concert band members tapping out the beat with music sheets in view.

Karen Alberstadt



Congratulations, Ella. It is delightful to see students excel in STEM endeavors. This really brightened my day.

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