Fort Crockett Apartments

Extensive damage to the plumbing system at Fort Crockett Apartments, 4800 Seawall Blvd. in Galveston, during last week’s freeze has rendered the property uninhabitable, forcing tenants to find new places to live.


Last week’s freeze and prolonged power outages caused irreparable damage to the entire plumbing system at the aged Fort Crockett Apartments on the seawall, rendering the property uninhabitable and forcing tenants to find new places to live, managers said.

Laura Elder: 409-683-5248;


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George Laiacona

This is just what they were looking for . The chance to shut the place down without Tennant problems. Now it can be torn down and make room for a more profitable venue. There will be no negative actions from the public.

Gary Scoggin

I will say, providing a hotel room and a thousand dollars in transition money is pretty generous. There are other displaced people around here not getting anything.

Curtiss Brown

I wonder if they would allow me to go in and grab my old fireplace and re-install it in my formerly frozen home on the East End?

Carlos Ponce

Good luck finding fire logs.

A lady I know went to Buckees and saw some logs for sale. She asked for some but the clerk said they were all out. "What are those?" she asked pointing at several logs. "Those aren't for fire places. Those are for cooking. You know: oak, hickory, mesquite, etc" was his reply. "Well then sell me some 'cooking logs'."

Virginia Stone

What a funny and probably true interaction, thanks for sharing this Carlos, I needed the laugh.

Michael Moriarty

"A Nice Place To Live!" at one time, long long ago!

Curtiss Brown

My wife and I always wondered who they were quoting on that sign.

Michael Moriarty

Likely the final nail!

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