The front lawn of the Tadema residence in the upscale Lago Mar subdivision bears little resemblance to its appearance about a year ago.

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Bailey Jones

Ridiculousness. I could see if they were putting in a hog pen, but flower beds? Just one more reason to avoid these over-planned communities.

Mary Lofaro

Totally agree!! It's crazy!!

Stephanie Martin

Just buy a house that doesn’t have one.

Carol Dean

The truth of the matter is that HOAs do NOT have the powers they think they have! Check The US Constitution's FIRST Amendment! The US Supreme Court made a ruling YEARS ago when Justice Ginsberg was a lot younger! This falls under Freedom of Speech and your ability to express yourself!

Ron Binkley

It seems to me that the HOA should have honored the homeowner with a "Yard of the Month" award.

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] Would that all of my neighbors put that kind of thought and effort into their homes.

Louis Wortham

This is why we need stronger restrictions on these HOAs so that tax payers have the ability to exercise some basic decisions on the largest investment they make. Try to find a house in a newer area that does not have a HOA. HOAs are not a government body.

Ted Gillis

I’m sure Miles will get right on to this.

Harvey Mueller

They were sued over the choice of flower beds? Absolutely ridiculous! What is the need that these HOA's are filling? Maintain yards? NO. Keep up mailboxes? NO. Maintain fences? NO. Maintain roofs and paint? NO. I see nothing. Outrageous dues and they do absolutely nothing for homeowners. Bureaucrats run wild.

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