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Michelle Aycoth

This statement does not sound like a ceasefire !

“ Hallisey said he was still upset about the votes, which he saw as a hijacking of mayoral authority, and still was wading through the process of sending something to the attorney general.”

Andy Aycoth

Chuck DiFalco


michaelsmith Staff
Michael A. Smith

It wasn’t worth fighting during the holiday season, however, he said.

Chuck DiFalco

I think Mr. Hallisey is completely wrong as a matter of law and as a matter of leadership on this issue. I’ve already written about the leadership aspect. As for the law, Article 2, Section 17 of the City Charter of League City clearly states: “The Mayor shall have exclusive power to appoint members for boards, commissions and agencies of the City, subject to confirmation by the City Council.” The key words are: “of the city”, which means within the jurisdiction of League City. The Galveston County Central Appraisal District, and all other governmental entities whose jurisdiction crosses the city limits, are NOT ”boards, commissions and agencies of the City”, just like the City Attorney said. You don’t have to be a legal and/or linguistics expert to figure that out. You just need some experience and an ability to think logically. So Mayor Hallisey is wrong and the City Attorney, and other council members, are right on the legal aspect of this issue. But what do I know? I’ve just served on 3 League City Charter Review Committees, one with, ironically, Mr. Hallisey. I know he's a smart man, and knowledgeable about municipal governance. I'm surprised he's still combative about the appointments process.

William Pate

Curious: did previous city councils set the precedent that the mayor says exists (in allowing the mayor to make these nominations), and then suddenly and surprisingly decide to act against those decades of precedent? I’m ignorant on the matter so don’t know.

Michelle Aycoth

Andy reply from Staff on William’s question ?

Andy Aycoth

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