November weekends typically are good for the Galveston Bookshop, but this Saturday and Sunday, the downtown store will be closed, owner Sharan Zwick said.

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Bill Broussard

Office pool: anyone want to bet on how many folks die? Mine is 2. It’s another great selling point to the rally along with hotel occupancy of course. And... soon the HOT tax will go to the City to pay down its lawsuits rather than the beaches and amenities just like our water bills do. It’s a great day in Galveston!

Melanie Perry

you know the biggest part of this country's problem is this horrible negativity. There is ALWAYS a bright side to everything just ask God.

Stephen Murphy

Bill Broussard Nov 1, 2018 6:56am
Office pool: anyone want to bet on how many folks die? Mine is 2.

You're a sick bastard.

Kathy Jones

I agree! Heartless and cold blooded! Smart ass that needs a good ole ass whoopin!

Bailey Jones

Why can't Galveston be one of those towns where nothing fun ever happens and no one ever wants to visit?

Michael Byrd

There is a place like that, its called Sargent, Tx.

Allison Buchtien

I only go their for work sometimes. Definitely not a place to hang out.

Kathy Jones

Seriously? That sounds like isolation! It is really nice all year except for the 1st week in November. This year the rally lost a curious fan in me and many other islanders due to the "new crowd" that are very odd people with the idea that they own the space they stand in.The chests are out, the leader in front and they leave a smell of fear in the atmosphere because they like to play as though they need to be prepared for an attack by a "real" gang! They carry knives, brass knuckles, etc. By opening up the Strand for the riders to begin the Strand Street ride at 19th Street this year instead of 21st, opened up new unclaimed spaces filled with the Island "Neighbors that are rivals and trouble makers. They will drug a girls drink without her noticing and then try and become her Pimp for the night. They are scary and in my head, this is Texas and people like that don't live in Texas. Not so! They are near and on Rally week they are here and have been pushed out of the center of things around 23rd and the park all the way down to my street and I don't like it!. This is supposed to be a time for the bikers with a passion to show off their passion and the hard work put in to making their dream come true.This is not meant to be what it has become, a Gang gathering. Amazing that on any given day these people hate their neighbors because of their race, but when they come over here, they sit right next to them. I am guessing it opens the door of opportunity for one fool to make a mistake which then gives them the excuse to use their knives and prove their loyalty . I honestly felt as though I was in another State or Country just walking 2 blocks to 21st. The corner of The Strand and 21st is where everything and everybody lands. This was scary and NOT FUN!. I was pawed at grabbed, followed and sneered at . Perhaps being the center of an oreo that night was the problem. Seeking protection, I decided to go to my friends (now Bandidos) from school way back in the 70's, to walk me home. The people on the bikes that are souped up and dressed to the nines are rode by Doctors, Lawyers, and responsible grown ups that love their bikes more than their babes! They are not out to play recklessly, they are out to share stories and enjoy others that know what it means to work hard for their dream to finally roll in to town. So, to all the stupid neighbors of this beautiful Island that come here without any respect for the purpose, STAY HOME! WE WILL NOT MISS YOU! It is ashame that you have to ruin what could be fun for everyone because you decide that this is an opportunity to show your mean and ruthless jealous side. I think Galveston should sell tickets to park, to ride the lane, to get in to certain areas and to keep out the people that have no business here. IHell, I would be happy to see the city go as far as charging per bike! These bikers have the money and would pay it to keep the rally a fun event! t worked for Mardi Gras when they raised the ticket price, it stopped the punks that disrespected the city 2 years ago by becoming a bunch of drunk fools throwing glass bottles and trash at the police and hitting children in between. They did not return the next year, and haven't since. If no changes are made for the safety of the Islanders in the future....I say RALLY ON DOWN THE ROAD....cause this chic on "Thunder Island is finished with this event!

Michael Byrd

When I first moved here i really had a hard time adjusting to all the inconveniences of living in a tourism rich environment. However, when I really thought about it logically, all totaled (summer, spring break, LSR, mardi-gras, etc. it's only a few months out of the year. Those few months provide us residents with a huge selection of great restaurants, live music, and attractions that are available to us for the rest of the year. Yes it's an inconvenience but overall i think it's really worth it.

Steve Fouga

Michael, this is how I see it, too. 3 months of hard tourism, and a few more weeks here and there, result in about 8 months of a really nice place to live. Much better than 12 months of mundane, as far as I'm concerned. With a little attitude work, I've even learned to enjoy tourist season. [cool]

Kelly Naschke

To think that Ms Zwick isn’t created enough or market savvy enough to capitalize on the 10’s of thousands of people that will walk past her store speaks for itself. Why does she assume bikers can’t read? Why isn’t she selling biker related books? Why no table in front of the store with books about Harley history...or biker culture novels? Seems like a book might even make a great Christmas present from one biker to another. And they can all probably fit a book on their bikes. To close seems very narrow minded.

Miceal O'Laochdha

That is a great suggestion for Ms. Zwick and it's not too late to pursue it. Get a few cases of Hunter Thompson's "Hells Angels" and a few more of Robert Pirsig's "Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" shipped by FedEx overnight and set up that table on the sidewalk and I bet you sell them all at a tidy profit before the weekend is over.

Steve Fouga

Ditto. That bookstore seems almost perfectly located to take advantage of Rally weekend: near enough to the center of the action to attract walk-ins, but far enough away to be a little quieter. Maybe I'm wrong, though.

Allison Buchtien

Quieter...Haha! I'm off 19th on the south side of Broadway, no such thing as quiet in town this weekend.

Raymond Guidry Jr

I thought the same thing Kelly, there was a lot of store that made a money ,maybe Ms Zwick needs to talk to her neighbors or maybe she is not a BOI and is doing the book store for a hobby not really a business

George Croix

The unfriendliest dependent-on-tourism town you're likely to find.

David Alquest

My three Eastern European neighbors and friends went together to a bar to relax after a long day of waiting tables. The lounge was full of bikers here for the rally. They had a beer and stood together and talked to each other quietly in their native language. Several large bikers with beards and bandanas approached them and told they were in America, and they had to speak English. One of my friends speaks four languages fluently – English, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish – the other two just English, Romanian and Russian with intermediate Spanish and French.

The bikers asked where they were from, and they answered Moldova. One of the bikers said, “Well, your president is Putin and ours is Trump, and you are in Trump territory now. Trump is making American great again by getting rid of people like you.”

One of the young men turned to go but was stopped – “Hey, where are you going? I haven’t finished my conversation with you.” By this time a group had encircled them. Another biker said, “If I hear one more word that isn’t English, I am going to have to ‘take you out’. Now get out of our country.”

The young Eastern Europeans in their mid-twenties didn’t fight with people. They were refined college graduates from intelligent families. One Moldovan’s mother and father are both medical doctors. They didn’t say anything but just quietly backed away and left as soon as they possibly could.

Kathy Jones

I wonder if these were not wanna be's from Texas City? Most of the bikers I know that can finally afford the bike of their dreams are in their late 50's and 60's. I only ask because it seems we had a lot of uninvited neighbors in town looking for something or someone to tear up. I biker that is a part of a "family" like say, The Bandidos,who got in to that brawl with another biker "family in Waco a few years back where 18 or so people were killed, would not take the time to mess with an innocent Gent. But the wierdos accross the causeway driving little ole Honda 80's would do exactly this because it is minor and they are cowards. The Galveston police are pretty easy on everyone....I have seen them on my street (Loft on 20th) stop a car, search it and find drugs and alcohol. Then they asked the driver if they wanted to get high tonight or go to jail for the drugs in the car. They made them do all the drugs (Not like it was a pound of powder, but enough to land most in a cell for more than a day). Had them roll the all the weed which came out to 3 joints and then each cop put one in their pocket and they made the people in the car smoke the other one. Then walk home. Point being, bullies know they can come to the Island on a Rally weekend and kick a girls butt, talk the talk and then have to find a way home. Fakes and wanna be's. Your friends did the right thing in any walk away proves a man, to stay and fight proves you fear. My husband says "if you can't be sure that you can knock then down with the first punch, then you are in over your head". Either lay them out or walk (run) I am glad they are ok. Most people bark louder than they bite!

Vernon Hale

Wow. Thank you for helping to identify these incredulous officers! Thankfully it is 2018 and we can use technology coupled with your intel to identify and hold them accountable. Please provide me the date, time, location, unit number, race and gender of officers and any photographic or other evidence you may have expeditiously so that we may review body and L3 cameras and complete a thorough investigation !

Chief Hale

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