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Wayne D Holt

It's hard to know where to begin with some of the quoted comments of the march leaders. Attorney Ben Crump: “When they drug him down the center of town, it was like they drug all of us,” he said. No, Mr. Crump, he was not dragged down the center of town. He walked, handcuffed as police departments do across America, when someone is put under arrest.

Criminal defense attorney Melissa Morris said: "...we’re not proud of big injustices like this one.” What, specifically, was the injustice? His treatment mirrored that of white arrestees, he said the police officers treated him nicely, he apparently was allowed to wear a welders mask for some part of the process to help him feel secure, the police have been cleared of criminal wrongdoing. Where is the injustice, besides the perception of some people that it was unjust?

Rev. Cassandra Mkwanazi: “I want to see a public apology from those two officers." For which action that singled out Neely in a way others have not been treated? There is none. In fact, the only action the officers took that would warrant a supervisory reprimand was allowing Neely to wear the welders mask; that is very definitely not police procedure. Perhaps they should apologize for permitting Neely that accommodation to try to help him.

Protest signs: “Poverty is not a crime.” “Mental illness is not a crime.” Very true, however criminal trespass usually is and serial criminal trespass very definitely is.

Bishop James Dixon believes the officers following what they believed to be the prescribed policy of their department for mounted officers at the time is somehow “revealing of major defects in the value systems of those officers.” I wonder how those major defects square with the testimony of Mr. Neely that the officers were nice.

Galveston is a tolerant city when it comes to racial harmony, sexual preference, religious or non-religious affiliation, political persuasion and most other areas of personal expression. What should have been a moment to recognize the total professionalism of our police chief in immediately redressing a simple gaffe has been turned into a cause celeb for no discernible reason and without any convincing arguments made that this arrest was anything like the profound racist incident it is being painted as.

Making inflated, and inflammatory, claims will not promote the necessary understanding we should be seeking between us regardless of race. Justice is never served when truth is the first victim.

David Hardee

A perfect rebuttal to n organized and orchestrated demonstration intended to:

1 Demonize a legal and proper law enforcement procedure, the officers and department.

2. create a racist intent where non existed.

3. give pundits politicians and activist opportunity to perpetrate demagogue.

4. create social chaos.


Randy Chapman

The family sees a cash cow. Simple as that. They really care now but didn't care enough to help Mr.Neely get off the streets. Very odd family.

Gary Scoggin

Well said, Wayne. Well said.

David Bloom

Well said and 1,000% accurate Mr Holt..I truly appreciate the efforts of the men and women of GPD.

Carlos Ponce

"Galveston planning for thousands to attend Sunday march" . Thousands turned into 500 - still a good number.

Bailey Jones

Or was it 250?

Carlos Ponce

I was not there but if you were and you estimate 250 and not 500 .....

Stephen Murphy

The real shame in all of this is that Mr. Neely, who is deemed mentally ill, has been left to roam the streets of Galveston for who knows how long. Where is his family? Where are his brothers and sisters in the Lord? Since the majority of those attending the march were from churches in Houston, I have to assume his family believes in the teachings in the Bible. The Bible tells them that "Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever." Yet, instead of putting the blame on themselves, they deny their responsibility and deflect the blame onto the justice system, which should have never been put in this position in the first place. Paul said, “You, therefore, who teach another, do you not teach yourself? Practice what you teach, hypocrites!

Connie Patterson

Way overblown

Miceal O'Laochdha

Fantastic Photo of the lawyer leading this career-building event for himself. All together now: "What do we want?" Fewer lawyers!" When do we want it? "NOW"!!!!!

Carlos Ponce

What you post is a lot nicer than what William Shakespeare wrote in Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Carlos, I have always used a revised version of the Shakespeare quote that you reference. I prefer: "First we kill all the lawyers...except MINE!"

Jack Reeves

As I have stated in a previous forum, I was a Texas Peace Officer who worked with Galveston Officers from time to time. I know that there are bad people in all professions but, I don't think that these mounted officers meet that description. In general, I have found the folks assigned to the mounted unit in the past to be some of the most people oriented and well dispositioned professionals on duty. Sounds like a lawyer trying to keep a fire going to me.

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