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Ray Taft

‘The Galveston City Council has repealed zoning regulations that singled out gun shops and shooting ranges after an attorney general opinion demanded the city do so to comply with state law.’

Kudos to the Texas Attorney General for defending our rights against the Democrats who run Galveston. If Democrats are not stopped, they will take away all our God given rights.

Gary Scoggin

The right to operate a gun range is a “God given right.” Interesting, I guess I missed that part in the Sermon on the Mount.

Kelly Naschke

I was wondering why gun shops and gun ranges were an issue worthy of questioning when neither seems to present any problems. I think Mr Taft nailed it.

Don Schlessinger


Gary Miller

Gun shops or gun ranges are not a problem. Enter Democrats? Write laws that turn gun shops and gun ranges into a problem. On election day remember Democrats caused the problem. Good democrats (?) support bad democrats. If you vote for any Democrat you vote for all bad Democrats.

Gary Scoggin

While I have no problems with the removal of restrictions, I too think it’s important not to skip over the fact that our Governor and our (under indictment) Attorney General hate local control by municipalities and prefer to run local matters from Austin.

Bailey Jones

It seems unreasonable to remove the noise limits. It would be like your neighbor getting a new roof - every day.

Carlos Ponce

"our (under indictment) Attorney General"

Let's see: "A federal judge has again thrown out securities fraud charges against Attorney General Ken Paxton" March 2017 Federal charges dropped. State charges on the same are pending litigation.

Since the original indictment in 2015, Ken Paxton was re-elected by the people of Texas.

Gary Scoggin

Carlos, I am so glad to see you agree he is still under indictment on state charges. The fact that he was re-elected says nothing about his legal status. It may say something about those who voted for him, though.

Carlos Ponce

"The fact that he was re-elected says nothing about his legal status."

I disagree. His opponent in 2018 was Democrat Justin Nelson who kept mentioning in his campaign that Paxton was indicted. So it's not like the people of Texas didn't know. Paxton still won Galveston County 58.48% to 39.01% and the State of Texas. And the state charges are the same ones that were DROPPED by the Federal judge. "It may say something about those who voted for him, though." What is says is those who voted for him are not swayed by what is known as a political indictment. Ask yourself why this case is dragging on for 5 years?

Gary Scoggin

Carlos -- What part of state charges are still pending isn't clear? You are right about Republican voters not caring about their candidates criminal or legal histories. Besides Paxon we have our own Chris DuPuy as an example. (And there was another guy about that time whose name I can't remember.) Back when I was a Republican we were the party of Law and Order.

So here's the question... If a Democrat had the same charges pending against him as Paxton, would you consider it an issue?

Carlos Ponce

If charges were DROPPED, I would not hold it against him or her. But I would hold the fact they were a DEMOCRAT against him or her. I refuse to vote for a member of a party that condones child sacrifice.

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