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Paul Steele


Non PROFIT??? Closing due to not making money (PROFIT)

Bailey Jones

Non-profits still have to balance their books. The whole purpose of these stores is to make a profit that goes to support the non-profit programs that are the purpose of the organization. If a store can't pay the rent and payroll you have to shut it down - otherwise, it's just taking money away from those programs.

Wayne D Holt

[thumbup] Seems obvious: non-profits can't lose money on part of their operation or it becomes a financial sink rather than contributing to the mission. Perhaps they can find a way to assure folks the items are all sterilized in some way. There is no doubt with the economy in the tank, many people would be likely to buy goods used if they were comfortable with the condition it was in.

Bailey Jones

And clothing sales are way down in the age of COVID - because who needs clothes when you never leave home?

Gary Scoggin

Not true, Bailley! I just bought a new pair of sweatpants this week. (Of course i bought them online.) ;-)

Carlos Ponce

Bailey posts "because who needs clothes when you never leave home?"

Bailey, please keep your drapes, curtains, shades shut.

Ron Shelby

Did the old Broadway store do better? Is it a visibility issue since moving to 51st street?

Gary Scoggin

The Salvation Army is a huge asset to our community and many others. Here’s hoping they can find away to keep this part of their ministry viable.

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