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David Doe

"The decades-old monopoly exists because pilots vying for business might otherwise take unnecessary risks and cause unsafe waterways."
This statement could and has been used by unions to deny competition. In the technology driven world we live in these ships could be brought in to port anytime other than a hurricane. I don't think Galveston can afford to lose the Cruise Line business.

PD Hyatt

Your statement is probably the closet to the real issue. When the unions first started they were a good thing as they were needed, but they have pushed things to the point to where they have made themselves uncompetitive and have lost many jobs to outside this nation because of that. With the use of GPS and other technological features that they have at their disposal, I for one do not believe the pilots statement....

David Schuler

Modern airliners with certified equipment and specially trained crews can land in zero visibility, touching down within a few tens of meters of a designated point while traveling at 100+ knots. There is no technological reason, given the present-day accuracy of radar, GPS and other specialized navigation equipment, that a cruise ship could not be brought into the channel and docked safely in low visibility / low wind conditions. This is all about power and resistance to change, period. Just like the railroads; stuck in the early 20th century.

Charlotte O'rourke


“Which ports suffer from fog issues?
Galveston is the most infamous cruise port for fog delays.”

It is very disappointing that the Port - once known as having limited fog delays of very short duration - has become “infamous” for its delays according to the above cruise critic article.

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