Austin Middle School

Students arrive for in-person learning at Austin Middle School in Galveston on Friday, Dec. 11, 2020.


Galveston school district administrators will spend several months developing recommendations for the best way to educate middle-school students as they try to ease community concerns that the current system gives wealthier white students an advantage.

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(7) comments

Michael Moriarty

What is the goal?

Bailey Jones

I thought that was what the new guy was for.

David Schuler

Task forces and committees. Consultants and yellow sticky notes. What you get when no one wants to take responsibility.

David Hardee

It is a societal problem that cannot be corrected at school.

There has been tinkering going on since 1964 when the "Great Society" put the tentacles of the federal government into schools and set up the departments of Health, Education, and Welfare. The ranking of education in the USA has declined since then.

We have had more busing to achieve racial distribution. Councilors galore, nurses, police, mixed language support, sex education, rid of civics, the curriculum for ethnicity development, unionizing, underprivilege support, disability support, socio-economic support and many curriculum adjustments, and social education/advancement, building improvements, and much money

50 years of tinkering and money have accomplished little.

We are importing from foreign countries to get enough supply of TEM qualified employees because our education system has been awful for 50 years of progressive liberal idiocy.

50 years or 1000 years won't fix the root cause which is nested in the most fundamental structure of having a family support system that instills a culture of desire to be a self-reliant and responsible human being.

I have a suggestion that is no less ludicrous than the progressive liberal "Village raising our children" was. Instead of shuffling the students among schools,

let's shuffle the parents. If we can find parents for the 73% of out of wedlock and the other parent that has abandoned the child to a single (mostly female) parent household which is a big detriment for the development of the child. We could make the parent or parents of the succeeding child leave that child and swap homes with whoever is caring for a child that is not succeeding and vice versa.

I haven't decided at what age to do this or whether to reverse it if the succeeding child stars to un-succeed. Ask the progressive liberals for the answer they are very creative, malleable, and not judgmental or discriminate, Just what they are is another topic for a later discussion.

Raymond Lewis

So if I read you correctly, your suggestion is that we go from a 'socialist' way of doing things to (what seems to me) a "communist" way of doing things. Am I understanding your point? Is this a serious idea or are you kidding?

Raymond Lewis

Should have been more clear and indicted my question was was for Mr. Hardee.

David Hardee

Ray, this is the serious sentence that leads into the details of the ludicrous suggestion.

"I have a suggestion that is no less ludicrous than the progressive liberal "Village raising our children" was. Instead of shuffling the students among schools,"

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