Funding will be the main challenge as a proposed business model to develop the East End Lagoon moves forward.

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Rusty Schroeder

Well, now we know where something that would benefit locals and tourists alike falls in the grand scheme of the Park Board. This $25 million dollar Pavilion/Beach Patrol Headquarters on Stewart Beach is the only thing they want to discuss and start. I guess beach entrances is the "work" discussed on the West End. I just don't understand the reasoning behind not wanting to take on a project that is needed. But I do understand the motives for building the Taj Mahal on Stewart Beach, and it's a lot more than HQ's for the Beach Patrol.

Miceal O'Laochdha

If the Park Board had not been determined to prevent Nash's Bait Camp from rebuilding after Hurricane Ike (going so far as to spend the taxpayers money to have their attack lawyer fight it in court), we would all have had 10 years now of fishing from the rebuilt pier on the lagoon, drinking cold beverages, eating BBQ and dancing to the live bands every summer weekend, and generally having a great experience on the lagoon at no cost to the Park Board budget, only income to it. Instead, after a decade of nothing permitted there, we get dubious plans and studies and theories of what they might do sometime in the even more distant future. After they get their monument built on Stewart Beach of course and further restrict our ability to enjoy the beach on the West End. This is consistently misguided leadership with a "hide the salami" underlying agenda.

Steve Fouga

I remember the Lagoon area as a goin' concern in the 60s and 70s, with bait shops, restaurants, docks, piers...

In retrospect it seems like an unlikely place for the structures I recall, mostly ground-level or at least nothing like present-day building code. That said, the far East End is an obviously under-utilized part of the Isle.

Jarvis Buckley

So let's see something that's never going to happen "ring levee" going to stop improvements to the east end lagoon. Now that's almost as hilarious as Past city administrator and a couple of past council members trying to sell the East End lagoon
for $1.00 bill. Thanks to E.B. that attemt failed. Least that's the way I remember it. Am I wrong? If so I apologize .

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