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Ray Taft

For many years China has been taking advantage of the United States on Trade, Intellectual Property Theft, and much more.

Somebody has to stand up for American interests. This should have been done by previous presidents but it wasn’t. They did not stand up to China on behave of America. President Trump is doing it, and Trump is doing a great job and doing a huge service for America.

The Trump administration is doing very well with China on behave of America. Trump is forcing China to negotiate. The U.S. holds the upper hand in trade negotiations with China due to the comparative strength of the U.S. economy. The Chinese economy is crumbling. It’s just not the powerhouse it was before.

This has never happened to China before! China cannot absorb its own manufacturing output because they are net exporters. They manipulate their currency to cut export prices to prop up their export economy.

Meanwhile our economy is booming and has some of the best numbers ever experienced despite the best efforts of the Fake News Media to project everything Trump does as really, really bad.

Bill Broussard

Everything you say may be true Ray. I’m just wondering when China starts paying the duties. I guess sometime around the time Mexico starts paying for the wall? Someday we’ll be rolling in yen and pesos

It is bothersome that in the matter of a clearly Nobel cause there is still some idiosyncratic reason to screw it up with a lie. I think Americans could get behind the effort absent a lie

Don Schlessinger


Wayne Holt

There is no doubt it will affect Americans and hit us in the wallet and that hurts both sellers and buyers. But the fact is we have been getting hammered for 30+ years by the offshoring of manufacturing jobs and the outright theft of intellectual property and knock-offs of American products. While the tariffs produce very transparent dings, all you have to do is cross middle America and see the hollowed out industrial core of what was powerhouse industrial America that started imploding decades before the tariffs hit.

Congress has been 100% complicit in the savaging of the American industrial landscape, making it tax advantageous to move jobs overseas. You will note, however, they never move the board of directors chairs or the bigwig jobs to China. Those stay solidly here in the US, enjoying obscene levels of compensation while they kick the workers to the curb.

If we can hang in there and try to weather the painful transition, START BUYING AMERICAN and shunning cheap Chinese knock-offs, we can put America back to work. It won't happen overnight and right now, farmers and those businesses similar to the ones in the feature are taking a disproportionate hit. But if we don't take a stand now, there will be nothing left of US manufacturing when the last great innovation has been stolen.

BTW if you want to know how far it's gone, just consider that Kool Aid is made in Mexico. We apparently are not able to mix artificial flavor, food coloring and citric acid in to packets in the US anymore; it's necessary to handle those tough jobs to foreign workers.

Bailey Jones

I buy American, and local, whenever possible, but that's not often possible. One reason it's not often possible is that it's not "cheap Chinese knockoffs" that China is making these days. It's cheap state of the art products and cheap world class innovation. No fiscally responsible corporation is going to invest in moving back to the US with the current level of uncertainty, and if we ever get a trade deal with China, and that's a big if, the effect of the reforms being pushed for - better IP protection, higher prices for Chinese products - will make China more attractive for US corporations, not less. Meanwhile, Trump is doing away with the very fuel economy and emissions standards that make US cars attractive to Europe and Asia, creating yet another opening for China, and pushing 19th century coal energy instead of the massive investments China is making in solar and wind.

Carlos Ponce

Trump will be out of the White House in January 2025. And American trade deals are on track to replace unequal partnerships formed from past Democrat and Republican administrations.

Doug Sivyer

Don't give me this BS about tRump and his wonderful trade policies. His approach is not sound, as is the case with most every policy/decision he makes. He doesn't listen to advisors because he thinks he has all the answers. tRump and his administration are clueless. Ask the American Farmers, US based auto makers and Aircraft Manufacturers, not to mention the lower and middle class Americans that are paying more for about everything these days. MAGA my ass! The world will be a much better place when this Buffon is out of our Whitehouse!

Doug Sivyer

Spell correction BUFFOON!

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