More scattered-site public housing units might be in store for the island as officials drop plans for mixed-income developments over a lack of money.

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Bailey Jones

I don't understand why the housing authority doesn't make use of the many older homes sitting idle and rotting away on the island. Buy them and refurbish them. If the housing authority doesn't, some investor will, and I can guarantee you it won't be for low income housing.

Paul Harrington

Mainly because these properties are being built and subsidized the US gov which means there is all sorts of requirements you have to have. For example, ADA compliance, modern safety measures, things of that nature. Most of the "idle" homes you talk about would not live up to this threshold. Trying to bring these up to code could be perhaps more expensive than building from scratch with modern building materials.

Jack Cross

Bailey, that makes a lot of sense, for a number of reasons. These houses are being bought up by a lot of people living outside Houston and used for rent houses.

Public housing is necessary, but if you can minimize public housing and rent housing

the city and the residents benefit.

I served on the CAD appraisal review board for five years and was surprised to see that the government was in fact buying houses from the real estate listing. They were selling them to low income people. This took the government out of the project.

The buyer has to pay the taxes and insurance. I suspect they also had to keep them for a length of time. If the government bought these housed and fixed them up, it would create jobs, be better for the city and save money.

Bailey Jones

I remember something like that back in the 1960s. After my grandfather died, my grandmother was able to buy a nice little house - with a mortgage payment of less than $50 - on some government program. It was on an acre lot. She planted gardens and kept that place shining for another 40 years. There's nothing better for a neighborhood than house proud home ownership.

Jarvis Buckley

Bailey I can tell you why in a nutshell.

Because your idea is to practical.

Bailey Jones

You might be on to something.

Gary Miller

Bailey> Jarvis is correct. The bureaucrats running this scam have cashed their paychecks for ten years and will for another decade if they can. How many low income homes could have been built with ten years of paychecks for bureaucrats?

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