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JD Arnold

Good grief! Stop this nonsense.

Ron Shelby

Again. More spillover from the split within the GOP. Not only with individual candidates and their allegiances with different elected officials, but now the inner management of the party itself. What a mess.

Shawn Byars

There has been a general concern for quite some time that Carl Gustafson may not satisfy his statutory duties as the duly elected county chair. The duly elected precinct chairs have and are taking action to mitigate this. It has been an odd alliance of R's working together... just seeing Alicia's and Kathy's name on the same line doing something together is mind boggling for this casual observer. Folks have put aside faction differences to band together to push Carl out. The only real support Carl Gustafson has left is Tax Collector Cheryl Johnson and her political advisor/husband Don. Given Judge Cox's political association with the Johnsons (they are campaigning very hard for him) and the county party it seems odd tha he should preside over this case. Should the judge recuse himself on this one? Probably so.

Don Johnson

Shawn Byars, like typical Mark Henry surrogates, appears to live in a universe completely disconnected from the truth. There is no basis for his claim that Cheryl Johnson or I have taken a position in the race for GOP County Chair. The race we’ve focused on is the County Judge election. I know Byars has not been in contact with us, so maybe he heard this fabrication from Mark Henry – he is notorious for factually inaccurate statements.

Carol Dean

Janis Lowe, self appointed spokesperson for the newly formed Galveston County Republican Steering Committee, has in fact been hiding the details of this "dilemma" from members of the Executive Committee. The documents for this situation are easily accesable by going on line to The District Clerk's records. She claims that she will reveal this info to committee members at a "closed" Executive Committee meeting scheduled for February 26. What's up with that? The GCDN has already exposed the info.

Talk about a lack of transparency!

Shawn Byars

Thanks for the response Don, always great to hear from you. Numerous conversations with precinct chairs, elected officials and party insiders suggest otherwise in regards to your support for Gustafson. While you may have not taken a public position your support behind the scenes is obviously alarming. Your and the Tax Collector's obsession with the County Judge race is further evidence of your political meddling. I have been in contact with Cheryl... a simple ORR would show that. Claiming that I am a surrogate for Judge Henry is laughable at best... just another example of your slanderous attempts to silence your critics. I do agree wholeheartedly with Judge Henry on one thing... I wish you two would "just stop it".

Walter Manuel

This election cycle has certainly brought out the worst in a lot of people especially when it comes to trying to convince voters of unfounded or baseless lies in order to promote their own agenda or political candidate.

The biggest farce for example is that a lawyer reports that he filed a "criminal" complaint with the Attorney General's office against Judge Lonnie Cox when in fact EVERYONE should know that the OAG will never say whether or not they have actually received such a complaint and/or whether they are even investigating such a complaint.

How do I know you ask? Because I filed a complaint with OAG against the former ousted LMISD BOT and even I couldn't get any information from their office whether or not they received, accepted the charges or even took the time to investigate my complaint.

This was obviously the best strategy that the Henry camp could come up with in order to do whatever it takes to hold onto his seat when in fact everyone knows that there is NO way for voters including the lawyer who filed the complaint to actually validate such a claim.

Unfortunately voters won't know the validity of such a complaint made against Judge Lonnie Cox until long after the election is over or in fact maybe never.

Voters need to be aware of just how low dirty politics has really become.

Educate yourself on ALL candidates qualifications and accomplishments when considering voting for or against someone while being extremely cognizant of the usual smear tactics that some people have to resort to in order to confuse or distract voters from the REAL truth.[sneaky]

Carol Dean

Education is always the best resource! Too many people just will not take the time to access the truth. My new motto: "Show Me!" Show me documentation where it says that!

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