Any day now, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott could sign a new law allowing anyone to carry a handgun without a license.

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Matt deGrood began working at The Daily News as a reporter in Sept. 2016.

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Bill Sterchi

Permitless carry is a double edged, very sharp sword. Under current law, one must prove they are capable of utilizing a handgun to hit their intended target with a fair degree of accuracy, and they are sufficiently knowledgeable about firearm safety in general. There are advanced classes on one's ability to draw and fire to capture those same attributes. A permit is issued after DPS concludes a background check to verify the applicant is not a criminal nor unstable. There are a myriad of elements covered in the class which come from real life experiences and some case law that would otherwise not be mentioned in the general conversations had by most people. The second part of this is simple - the Second Amendment provides that each citizen has the RIGHT to be armed without Governmental ramification - provided they are of age and upstanding repute. I completely, 100% agree with that. My only concern in passing this legislation, is the same I have every time I drive down I-45 - it's the Other Guy. They guy (or Girl) who thinks it's cool to carry a firearm and knows more about baking a cake than firing a handgun - particularly, at another human being, and the sequence of events that will transpire afterwards. Remember, there are more stupid people out there than you realize.

Bailey Jones


Keith Gray

Bill, I think their driving is something you should be more concerned with.

Don Schlessinger


Wayne D Holt


Matt Fleming

During my interview, I provided this information to Galveston Daily News:

There are still many good reasons to pursue a Texas License to Carry a Handgun:

Interstate Travel: There are currently 36 states that recognize the Texas LTC. Our Texas “Constitutional Carry” ends at our State border. If you do any traveling outside the Great State of Texas, you’ll need a Texas LTC for reciprocal states to recognize your decision to carry a handgun in their state.

Gun Laws: The burden is on you to know the laws that affect you when carrying a handgun in public. The LTC class covers the laws and regulations related to carrying a gun. Plus, the LTC class provides for questions and answers with the instructor and other students and this dialogue offers an improved understanding of these laws.

Firearm Purchases: Because you go through a State and Federal background check to get a Texas LTC, you are not required to undergo the NICS (National Instant Check System) process when buying a gun from a licensed dealer. During the Virus in 2020, the FBI, who oversees NICS, experienced delays of more than 30 days. With a LTC, there is no delay because there is no NICS requirement. When you buy a gun, your LTC allows for an immediate purchase with no additional waiting. For private firearms sales, the LTC is considered the “Gold Standard” for transacting a deal between the gun seller and the gun buyer.

Contact with Law Enforcement: If you have an encounter with a Police Officer, how does he know you can legally carry your handgun? With a LTC, there is no question – you have the License and you have the gun – it’s self-evident you’re in legal possession of a firearm. With no LTC and depending on why law enforcement has made contact with you, you may be detained while the police determine your eligibility status to own and carry the gun.

Stuart Crouch

I believe that it is the current interpretation of our Constitution that emboldens some to believe that they have a "right" (or even better yet, "a God-given right"- whatever that is) to do something, inclusive of stockpiling weapons and ammunition, and openly flaunting their firearms. There are no such specifics detailed or addressed by the good ol' "2A".

Example: 2A reads "arms". Modern day language, "Was he armed? ....Yes, he had a butcher knife. ...Okay, put out an ATL/APB for the subject....He is to be considered armed and dangerous." Clearly, the 2A must be referring to butcher knives! So you see, it's all about interpretations. Those can and do change, occasionally. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State....", is again, subject to interpretation by the reader. I would note the upper-case capitalization of the words "Militia" and "State", suggesting that they do not mean what so many want them to. Regardless, there will be arguments and debate over these words long after we are all gone.

CHL's, to me, are meaningless. They neither make someone a more proficient shooter, nor do they improve one's ability to immediately process an enormous amount of information and situational data in a highly stressful event. The requirements for this 'additional form of a voter ID card" were never stringent enough at the onset, and have progressively been relaxed and fluffed to the point that it really doesn't matter whether one secures one or not, when the "SHTF" (some more 'gun nut' lingo).

The mentality that "it isn't me, it's the other guy that's going to be the problem," is always a favorite to hear being espoused. The implications and conclusions that can be drawn from that rationale are too many to be listed here. One thing that I learned a long time ago was this, "Everybody is "a good guy with a gun" right up until they aren't." Recently, a gentleman who lives near me, a family man with a beautiful wife and two kids, living the dream in modern day suburbia, shot and killed his beautiful wife in the front yard and went back in the house with the children and soon thereafter, shot himself. This wasn't expected, it wasn't predictable and no one has yet to be able to discern with any degree of accuracy, who's exclusively naughty and who's gonna be nice, with respect to the possession and use firearms.

Personally, I like guns; always have. Just got another one this week; it's small, has a large hole in the end of it and shoots heavy, hollow-point rounds that are akin to "flying ashtrays". It is designed to kill people ("neutralize threats" as they like to say) and will do its job, serving its intended purpose. I am probably excessively trained in that regard and remain hopeful that I never come to benefit from it. Weapons created on the AR/AK platform are also intended for just that purpose. Any other use is an excuse. Civilians, in a modern day, developed country, have no need for these things, other than in their fantasies of heroism. With today's modern gaming systems, most could be equally sated by the more cost-effective purchase of some bang-bang, shoot'em up video games. You could still wear your camo and tight, olive-drab tee-shirts, rockin' those tribal tattoos from the 90's. "Hoo-rah!"

We will have to wait and see where all of this leads, but it is painfully obvious that the Governor and his Austin cartel thought open carry to be a great and easy way to solidify their base and climb a bit more out of the hole they dug for themselves with some of their epic failures over the past year.

Shoot low, Sheriff, he's ridin' a Shetland.[beam]

Diane Turski

I agree that "there are more stupid people out there than we realize." After the epic failures to pass intelligently thought out bills to address actual problems such as the energy grid, I realize that several of those stupid people are in our State Capitol as they have proven once again with the bills they have passed during this session.

Robert Braeking

Constitutional carry eliminates one concern. The LTC law creates a database of license holders which would be very handy for the politician who wishes to confiscate all privately owned firearms.

Ted Gillis

More right wing scare tactics Robert. There are no politicians

that want to confiscate all firearms. You’re just repeating what’s been said on AM radio for years now. Nice try though.

Carlos Ponce

"There are no politicians that want to confiscate all firearms." That's why the Democrat Party likes you - the misinformed.

“Confiscation could be an option,” Democrat Governor Cuomo opined. “Mandatory sale to the state could be an option.”

Democrat Tom Abinanti of the New York State Assembly angrily explained that he was “tired of hearing about legal, lawful gun owners” and suggested that future legislation could make “none of these guns at all” legal in the future.

New York State assemblyman Assemblyman Democrat Steve McLaughlin introduced a wish list for Senate Democrats that included plans to confiscate so-called “assault weapons,” confiscate ten-round clips, and set up a database for every gun in the state.

David Chipman, Biden's nominee for ATF Chief has expanded the definition of "assault weapon" to include just about everything that shoots.

Maybe Ted Gillis is referring to everyone who can keep their pea shooters.

Craig Mason

Been hearing the confiscation thing for over 50 years. No politician of any party wants to take anyone’s guns, that would be political suicide. The gun confiscation argument is just a scare tactic by the right, believed by folks who will fall for anything.

Gary Miller

Ted> I am not concerned about any politician wanting to confiscate all guns. The one wanting to take some guns will increase their target depending on their success rate.

Robert Braeking

Ted, you are so wrong. Look at the hearings for the nominee for ATF director. He admitted that he wishes to confiscate all AR-15's. The little feller doesn't even know that an AR-15 is a very low powered marginally lethal firearm. He said nothing about the rifles that fire 7.62 NATO/0.308.

You are naive to assume that politicians do not wish to confiscate. That is what Castro did......Disarm the ability of the people to resist.

Gary Miller

Robert> #1 on every socialist wish list is "disarm the population". Socialists know what they plan will anger most of the population and they would rather the angry population wasn't armed. A disarmed population can't overthrow a corrupt government.

Robert Braeking

Gary, Exactly. However, if they do it incrementally, then the resistance does not notice until they are fully disarmed. They took away the ability to own a 'Chicago Typewriter'. They will take away large capacity magazines. They will take away AR-15's. They will take away rifles over .30 Caliber. They will take away semi-automatic handguns. They already bought up all the ammunition so we can't buy any. Incrementally. It is like the frog in the kettle. Turn up the heat slowly and the frog never realizes he is in danger.

Gary Miller

TED> It might be true there are no politicians wanting to confiscate "ALL" hand guns. It is also true t here are many politicians who want to confiscate many guns. Not just hand guns but long guns too. It seems the less they know about guns the more likely they want to confiscate some. Ignorance and fear are the right and left hands of anti gun thinking.

Robert Braeking

Ted, You are either naive or you just aren't paying attention. They have already confiscated all the civil war cannons that used to decorate lawns all over the south. They have outlawed automatic weapons. They are attempting to outlaw assault weapons but are unable to define them. They have, in many states, outlawed high capacity magazines whatever that means.

The natural progression of these assaults on the 2nd Amendment is the confiscation of all firearms.

At the time that the 2nd Amendment was written, private ownership of weapons included artillery and rockets. The navy hired privateers to help fight the British on the sea. Do you think they only carried small arms? One of the reasons that we defeated the British is the fact that privately owned arms were state of the art at the time.

The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to make possible the defeat of a tyrannical government by the people. An armed citizenry prevents such tyranny.

Bailey Jones

Looking forward to permitless voting.

Donald Roccaforte

As you look forward, take glance in your rear view mirror for a glimpse of what it looks like.

Bailey Jones

Does it look like the Big Lie?

Gary Miller

At last. Honest law abiding citizens are to be considered as good as the dis honest criminals who have carried and used guns without any licence. When the anti gun lobby confiscates all guns from criminals will be when they can go after honest citizens. Anti gun laws do nothing but empower criminals.

Joe Glasser


I am a 65 yr. old independent/conservative male. and. I am writing In ref. to the state allowing any citizen to carry a firearm is completely a insane idea. I am also a former police officer and a Private Investigator. Although I do stand with the 2nd amendment, I do have the brain cells required to understand that this amendment was ratified December 15th, 1791, this was 230 years ago. YES, the 2nd amendment does confer the right that: a individual to possess a firearm for traditionally lawful purposes such as self defense... Now keep in mind that when this amendment was written, there was not 360 million American's in this country.

And according to a 2012 US Justic dept. study they have found that in America all the state criminal repositories all together contain over 100 million criminal records and that in the last 3 decades (30 Years) nearly one-third of the adult working age population has a criminal record... Now, I don't know about how the other 2 thirds of the adult population that does not have a criminal record feels about the state of Texas allowing "Any" person the right to carry without (ANY form) of training or background check is simply INSANE idea! I feel that everyone who decides to carry a firearm for personal protection should at least go through the same criminal background check as the city, state and federal law enforcement employee's and the same background check the state requires Armend Security Officers and Personal Protections Security personnel go through. I believe that there should be include in this new carry law a section that requires all persons who plan to carry, must go to the sheriff's office and get a criminal background check and also provide a certificate of liability insurance to cover any claims in the future that will surely be filed against that person for their use of a firearm.

Hope people agree with me...I'm just saying..

Robert Braeking

Joe, Please do not be so condescending. Just because most citizens are NOT former police officers does not make them irresponsible in the use of deadly force. In fact, the number of incidents of misapplication of deadly force involves precisely the law enforcement community and not private non-criminal citizens.

Hope in one hand.........but I vehemently do not agree with you.......I'm just saying.

Dru Walters

[thumbup] I totally agree - I would like to see liability insurance mandated for gun owners - hold them fiscally responsible for any shot fired. I fear what road rage will look like with this bill.

Robert Braeking

Mandate? Mandate? We don't need no stinkin' mandate. Since we are responsible we are proud members of the NRA and carry insurance.

Ted Gillis

Well Robert, the NRA is filing for bankruptcy. I’m so glad your funds have been put to such good use. Enjoy your yacht!

Carlos Ponce

"the NRA is filing for bankruptcy" It would be nice if Ted Gillis kept up with current events.

"On May 11, 2021, Hale dismissed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition filed by the National Rifle Association (NRA)."

"Judge Harlin Hale said he was dismissing the case because he found the bankruptcy was not filed in good faith."

Bankruptcy was filed so the NRA could reorganize in Texas out of blue New York.

Robert Braeking

Ted, If you understood what you are talking about you would be dangerous. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is a reorganization. That allows them to move to Texas while getting the hell out of a hostile state who want to sue them into Chapter 13 - Liquidation/Dissolution.

Ted Gillis

Okay smarty pants, so the NRA “petitioned” to file for bankruptcy. Means the same thing to me.

Carlos Ponce

Sure it does, Ted.[rolleyes]

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