La Marque Community Meeting

La Marque Mayor Keith Bell speaks during a community meeting in La Marque on Tuesday, July 6, 2021.


Months after a police operation led to the arrest of 123 people in Galveston County, including 44 alleged gang members, La Marque residents are seeing a safer city, according to some city officials.

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(7) comments

Michelle Aycoth

I like how cities compare themselves to the worst in the area to make themselves look good by comparison.

Andy Aycoth

Doug Sivyer

I applaud the effort but we still have a ton of thugs on the streets with guns and that will not change until we do something in this nation as a whole to confront gun violence.

Carlos Ponce

"something in this nation as a whole to confront gun violence" Getting to the "root cause" the answer is called "parenting". Teacher Rose Gladney (HISD, LMISD) called it "home training". No father or male role model to guide the young creates problems such as "gun violence".

Jim Forsythe

What is Texas doing to reduce violence? Training , we do not need training.

When police sees someone with a gun, all they will be able to do is just say is have a nice day, as they will be OK to carry starting the first day of September .

On the first day of September the new Texas “permit less carry” gun law will take effect for Texas residents 21 or older. Approved by lawmakers during this year’s session, Texans will be able to carry handguns without a license or training.

There are more than 29 million guns owned in Texas. Texas population reached 30.40 million by 1st July of 2021, which is over one gun per adult.

Gun violence will increase!

Carlos Ponce

"What is Texas doing to reduce violence?" There is a Senate Bill to reform the "reform" bail laws. But the Democrat House is still mostly out of town. There isa high rate of those released with little or no bail who go out to commit more acts of violence especially in Harris County.

Jim Forsythe

Those are after the fact things.

Jose' Boix

I would like to see just 3-5 measurable "key indicator parameters" to show how "improvement" is measured and tracked. It is great to discuss generalities, but let's get down to measurable indicators of change. Just my thoughts.

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