The Galveston City Council on Thursday is set to vote on some changes to its board appointments, and at least one of the planned proposals might have implications in next year’s mayoral election.

Galveston Mayor Jim Yarbrough on Monday announced he was done serving as the council’s representative on the Galveston Wharves Board of Trustees, which governs the Port of Galveston.

Yarbrough expected District 2 City Councilman Craig Brown would be appointed in his place place at Thursday’s council meeting, he said.

Yarbrough could continue serving on the wharves board until his mayoral term is up next May. But Yarbrough said he was stepping down to help Brown, who already has announced he’s running for mayor, to bone up on port issues.

“Dr. Brown is running for mayor, we don’t know if he’ll win or not and we don’t know if he’ll serve on this board if he does win,” Yarbrough said. “But I think it’s important that the mayor does have a good feel for port operations and what the port means for the city. This will give him eight or nine months to do that.”

One of Brown’s announced opponents in the race, Roger “Bo” Quiroga, is intimately familiar with the port. Quiroga worked as an executive at the port from 2010 until 2018.

Yarbrough has served three terms as mayor and cannot run for reelection.

Brown is the council representative on the Galveston Park Board of Trustees. He’s served on that board for his five years as a city council member, and before that was the chairman of the park board.

Galveston’s mayoral and city council elections will be held May 2, 2020. The entire city council will be up for reelection.

The council will next meet at 1:15 p.m. Thursday.


U.S. Rep. Randy Weber is not a fan of the supplemental budget bill the House of Representatives passed Tuesday evening, saying the bill did not go far enough to fund immigration initiatives favored by the White House.

The house Tuesday passed a $4.5 billion supplemental funding bill that provides money for food and supplies and that aimed to create better housing options for unaccompanied children at the border.

Most Republicans, including Weber, criticized the bill because it didn’t fulfill a White House request to beef up funding for U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

“What this bill does do is provide additional incentives to entice more illegal immigration,” Weber said.

Weber voted against the bill.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate, where Republicans have the majority, passed its own version of the spending bill that more closely aligns with the White House’s proposals.

A clock is ticking on whether the House and Senate can compromise on a bill that will be approved by President Donald Trump. The House of Representatives is set to recess for the July 4 holiday after Thursday, and won’t be back at work until July 9.


League City Mayor Pat Hallisey on Tuesday night connected a gas well flare in the middle of a residential neighborhood to what he called Gov. Greg Abbott‘s and the Texas lawmakers’ disregard for municipal rule. ... “We think it was immoral as all hell that they didn’t let us know,” Hallisey said of the company that owns the well and the Texas Railroad Commission, which oversees oil drilling. ... Former U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman, who represented Galveston Island in the 1990s, has appealed his 2018 federal conviction for fraud, money laundering and other violations of election law violations. ... There are 131 days until the next possible election date, Nov. 5, 2019. Cities and local candidates can begin securing spots on November local election ballots beginning July 20.

John Wayne Ferguson: 409-683-5226; or on Twitter @johnwferguson.


(6) comments

Diane Turski

Vote Weber OUT in 2020!!

Bailey Jones

Maybe Stockman will run again!

Carlos Ponce

Weber's political instincts were right on. The bill in question is now DEAD. Pelosi has now thrown her support for the Senate Bill. It's a better Bill.whichwhich passed the Senate 84-8.

Carlos Ponce

News: House passes the Senate Bill 305 to 102.

Carlos Ponce

Dianne Turski, Randy Weber voted FOR H.R. 3401 (Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Humanitarian Assistance and Security at the Southern Border Act, 2019) giving humanitarian aid to children at the border. Voting against were Democrat Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sheila Jackson Lee and Ilhan Omar. A total of 102 members of Congress voted against the bill: 95 Dems, 7 Reps.

Connie Patterson

I served with Councilman Brown on the Landmark Commission and plan on supporting his campaign for Mayor. He will serve our city well!

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