Police charged an 18-year-old Galveston man with reckless driving after a crash caused during an illegal street race totaled three police motorcycles.

Police on Tuesday charged Melvin Valle, of Galveston, with reckless driving after three police officers’ motorcycles were struck near Avenue O and 51st Street.

Valle was being held Wednesday in the Galveston County Jail on a $10,000 bond and an immigration hold, according to police records.

The police officers — one from Galveston and two from the Texas Department of Public Safety — were standing on the side of the road, using radar to monitor the speed of vehicles traveling Avenue O, a one-way road that goes nearly 40 blocks through mid- island neighborhoods.

As police watched, two vehicles appeared to begin racing from the traffic light at Avenue O and 45th Street about 1 p.m. Tuesday, police said.

The cars were going as fast as 78 mph before reaching the police officers, police spokesman Capt. Josh Schirard said. One of the cars turned off Avenue O at 50th Street, but the other, a black Chevrolet Cobalt, slammed on its brakes, Schirard said.

The driver lost control and veered toward the officers. All three men were able to dive out of the way to avoid being hit and no one was seriously injured, Schirard said. Valle was treated for minor injuries to his arm, police said.

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(13) comments

Randy Chapman

Let him do some jail time, then deport him.

Paul Hyatt

Needs a one way ticket back to where he came from after he spends the time to get all finger prints and DNA.

David Doe

Maybe ICE could take a drive down to the west end on a Thursday afternoon. Bring a bus because you will need it!

Blanca Bell

Racing a 4 cylinder car?

Gary Miller

Blanca! No one said illegal immigrants were smart. Doug Sivyer. He's in the US illegally and was doing something illegal. You think we should repair his car, if it wasn't stolen, and send him on his way?

Keith Gray

"Blanca! No one said illegal immigrants were smart." Or have the best taste in hair styles....did you see that mug shot??? HAHAHAHA

Doug Sivyer

All these condemnations just because of his race without elven knowing the facts. He's 18 yo and immature. That's what's wrong with the country. Rush to judgment and condemnation when there is a immigrant involved. tRumpisum rears its ugly head.

Don Schlessinger

Doug, were not sure yet if he is an immigrant or an illegal alien.

Carlos Ponce

Doug posts: "All these condemnations just because of his race....."
Race is never mentioned (except for "drag race"). [beam]

Randy Chapman

Nope Doug. All these comments because he's here illegally. Figure it out.

George Croix

Immigration hold?
Quick....give the poor kid an asylum form so he won’t be another poster child for the unfixables...[beam][smile][wink][cool][innocent]

Jeffrey Nix

It is a sad commentary within civil discourse that when the facts are not on someone's side in an argument, they either raise their voices or start calling names. According to the above article, some of the facts in the case are that the subject in custody is being held on a $10,000 bond and is on immigration hold. The offense, among others is illegal street racing in which the said subject lost control resulting in the totaling of three police motorcycles. By the way, the motorcycles are property which was bought using tax dollars. He is being held, as he should be. Have a trial and should he be found guilty, ship him back. That is not ..or should not be disparaged as the result of a certain political philosophy rearing its head, it should be because we are a society founded on the rule of law.

Randy Chapman

Yes, yes we are Jeffrey. And some of those laws you mention concern immigration. Believe me, immigration holds are not dished out unless there is a reason, commonly referred to as illegal immigration.

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