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Ray Taft

“...the average income for residents in Galveston County, like many places in the nation, hasn’t increased...”. That’s fake news.

The source for that lie is the Urban Institute. A liberal Washington D.C.-based think tank. The FED shows a steady increase in Per Capita Personal income for Galveston County and the nation since Trump became President.

The decline in sales tax revenue is primarily due to a shift in consumer spending. Consumers spend more on services because prices for services has grown four times as much as prices for goods. Consumers need to spend an increasing share of their income on services. That decreases the sales tax cities collect on goods.

And TxDot working on so many roads all at once causes consumers to stay away. That decreases sales and sales tax collections in those areas.

Galveston County cities need to reduce spending to match their decreased tax revenue.

Ray Taft

President Trump has been the best president for the middle-class than any in recent history. The data doesn’t lie. The median household incomes under President Trump have risen.

The income numbers are prima facie evidence that the majority of middle-income households have benefited financially from the Trump economic boom.

Democrats plan on taking all of this away with their socialism. Democrats do not care about the common man. Democrats and their cronies in the fake news media refuse to celebrate this fantastic economy. They are trying to ignore it and claim that the country is hurting like it was under Obama.

Don’t believe the Democrats and fake news medias’ lies.

Paul Steele


In preparation for a SALES tax increase...hope not.

Gary Miller

On top of fake news about local income the writer offends me by saying cities "earn" sales taxes. They don't earn. They confiscate sales taxes. On local earnings I see local wages increasing faster the last two years than long ago.

Dan Freeman

The authors are correct. Since 2015 per capita personal incomes have been relatively flat after a steady rise since 2010. Source https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/PCPI48167

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