It isn’t illegal to be homeless in Galveston.

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Wayne D Holt

Thank you for this piece, John Wayne. It helps all of us to get a better perspective on the needs, the problems caused by this population and the plight of those who are trying to help with few resources. A very fair treatment, well done.

We Americans like to think of ourselves as caring and active when we see something that needs to be fixed. Why are vast sums of taxpayer money being spent every year to wage war against countries who are no credible threat to us, while our own people wander the streets without sanitation, medical and psychiatric care and a safe place to lay their heads?

This is something Republicans and Democrats should be speaking about with one voice. Stop the hemorrhaging of money for endless warfare around the world and start taking care of the real needs at home. Support candidates who are committed to this so that we may see our hard-earned tax dollars go to help people rather than enrich war profiteers.

Dan Freeman


Gary Miller

Dan> YES! And it should be noted that homelesnes follows Democrats. They and their policies should be the target of legal interference.

Bailey Jones

Homelessness is a crime - it's a crime that we allow it. But offer up housing and just listen to the anti-welfare crowd and the NIMBY's holler. Offer up drug treatment and listen to the law and order crowd holler. Offer up mental illness treatment and listen to the "no socialism" crowd holler.

There are proven programs and policies that work to address homelessness, both public and private, but they cost money to operate. You can judge a society by its spending priorities. Homeless humanity isn't one of them.

Carlos Ponce

There are services in place to address homelessness and drug treatment in this county. Problem is they don't allow illegal drugs and alcohol in them. For a list of those in Galveston and surrounding area:

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