A family expelled Saturday from the private swimming pool at Lago Mar, an upscale gated community in Texas City, is contemplating civil action over the incident, which has sparked a social media uproar, one protest with another planned and a complaint to the police department. 

Kathryn Eastburn: 409-683-5257; kathryn.eastburn@galvnews.com.

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Randy Chapman

Can't or won't control your children as asked to, so do what you do when you have nothing else, play the race card. I hope Lago Mar sues her for false accusations. The film will prove she was negligent.

Mike Meador


Kimberley Jones Yancy

Hmnn. Randy it’s offensive to say that racism is a card game. I wish it were THAT simple. The lifeguards have been removed. I wonder why? So now police are called on black mothers at pools if deemed so by teenagers? No communication or warnings? Oh yeah that is being disputed. I wonder if she was tanning and partially sleep if the police would have been called? I wonder why the police were called at all- on children playing at a pool for less than an hour? As a former lifeguard in the Clear Lake Area it was our job to keep the patrons safe, communicate effectively and professionally with parents. As some mothers tanned and relaxed we watched the children and some at times could get very excited without the eyes of Mom. But we handled it, gave warnings and took proper procedures to ensure the safety of the children. And we allowed the Mom or Dad to enjoy the poolside relaxation. Never once did we have to call police on a “welfare check” at a pool on a family swimming in less than an hour of arrival. We did our jobs. Smh.....

Randy Chapman

Kimberly, why did race even come up at all? Because the mother brought it up. Did anyone tell her the police were called because she was black? I seriously doubt it. So yes, it's offensive to say that racism isn't a card game played all too often. And now, she wants to get paid for something never said? Ridiculous.

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