Planners of the island’s Mardi Gras festival won’t know whether the popular event will go on until less than three weeks before parades and events are scheduled to begin.

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DJ Alvarez

Makes you wonder why Flores only handled Mardi Gras for 2 years, and Mike Dean is going on his 10th (I was a Lieutenant with the Galveston Police Department the 2 years Flores had Mardi Gras )? Also for those who’ve lived in Galveston long enough, remember all the businesses Flores HAD over the last few decades and the businesses Dean HAS in Galveston (Yaga’s, Tsunami, and Float Bar to name a few). I’ve worked with Mike Dean for the first couple of years he took over Mardi Gras and he and his team are a class act! There’s a reason Mardi Gras is successful and the cost to the city is minimal, and having the streets closed keeps the bad elements outside the event area making it safer for everyone coming for the festivities

. You have to ask yourself should public safety be compromised all for the sake of a few dollars? Also this close to Mardi Gras it would be unfair to Mike Dean to change up how things are done with all the time and money spent in preparation for the 2020 Mardi Gras, so how about postponing the hearing until afterwards? There are other long running successful events like Dickens on the Strand, and the Lone Star Rally that’ll be affected by this. Sadly Dickens on the Strand is one of the main fundraising events for the Galveston Historical Foundation.

Wayne Holt

There are other long running successful events like Dickens on the Strand, and the Lone Star Rally that’ll be affected by this.

I would like to know what about the Lone Star Rally makes it a success other than the money making. It is an increasingly objectionable event that brings an outlaw image to Galveston, favors itinerant merchants over established taxpaying local businesses, brings in gang and drug activity, makes a complete mockery of noise and traffic ordinances the rest of have to live with year 'round and leaves downtown so trashed it looks like the fall of Berlin. Please expand on the successes of the Lone Star Rally when those factors are taken into account.

Joe Flores

agree Wayne ... bike rally ruins business downtown and totally destroys Historical image !!! If its good for island hotels then have it entirely on the seawall !!!

mark jones

As a law enforcement officer, I'm surprised that you are not more concerned with the law. If it's illegal to charge taxpaying citizens and tourists to enter public streets, you should want the law upheld. Mardi Gras and parades don't end if Dean can't charge anymore.

Joe Flores

the question is it against the law and don't think so ...easily a simple answer ...

Cindy Angelo

I agree with you. Plus during Dickens on the Strand this year there was a line out the door to get food at the Shark Shack. So business was definitely up for this restaurant.

Sad that 1 person can destroy so much.

Joe Flores

yesit is !!

Joe Flores

good thoughts and comments

mark jones

To me the fight is not about the parades. Lidstone is correct and parades should stay the same. Mardi Gras was here before Dean and will be fine without Dean or Flores. If either of them want to have gated events they need to move it somewhere else.

Don Schlessinger

A vacation from Mardi Gras this year would great this year.

Don Schlessinger

OOPS, should have proof read that sentence.

Kristen Stephens

It’s a joke to say that Mardi Gras is cancelled if Dean no longer gets to charge everybody on the strand. Dean has nothing to do with parades and hotel balls. The Seawall doesn’t need Dean and neither does the strand. Yaga’s activities are the reason the wild crowds come to the strand where I work and it’s scary.

Don Schlessinger

And Mardi Gras costs taxpayers money. No one knows how much Mr. Dean rakes in, but taxpayers shouldn't have to support him financially.

Kelly Naschke I buy the tickets to the Momus Roof Garden party....or not?

Joe Flores


Taylor Wilson

I can only assume you weren't around before Yagas took over. The strand is MUCH safer and calmer now than it was before. The fee to get in helps keep at least some of the riff raff out. It was horrible before.

mark jones

It's unanimous that the parts of Mardi Gras from Dean and Flores are unsafe. The parades on Seawall don't have fees, Dean or Flores, and it's safe there. Put Dean and Flores attractions away from downtown or end them. It's evident that Dean and Flores add an element to Mardi Gras that is unsafe. The city should stop those elements completely.

Joe Flores

very true !!

Joe Flores


Joe Flores

totally not true ...image of historical district is the real question... its as scary on the seawall !

Carol Dean

Does someone need to check and make sure that Judge Grady is no way involved or attached to any of the Mardis Gras activities?

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