Ahead of the opening of a third cruise terminal in 2021, Galveston tourism leaders are trying to form partnerships that will encourage those cruise passengers to stay longer, and spend more money, on the island.

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Natalie Malphrus

Jim M - Every spring cruise ship departures are delayed by fog. We just need to come up with things the passengers can do in the fog.

Connie Patterson

The Strand is a big draw for tourism. It would be great to see more charm brought to that area... downtown Gettysburg is a perfect example. Much smaller town and far less traffic than the Strand but visitors are treated to beautiful planters overflowing, Bronze sculptures depicting relevant founders and much more. The businesses on the Strand would benefit from the upgraded charm. The new gaslights and repaved intersections have been a big improvement let’s finish it.


Bill Broussard

I think this is a great idea but unlike Virginia and all those flowery baskets we could make use of our own natural environment and people would fight to stay!

For instance Feb. is a big cruising month. We could offer the “Flat in your face tour” where the guest is treated to a carriage ride pulled by a team of highly trained horses who are bred to step over all of the bodies in the street from last nights levity

Or perhaps the “Chrome Spoke” tour where you actually get your very own leather jacket and three feet of chain, are let out on the street in front of the Admiralty and have a very unique vacationing experience fighting your way back to the ship

The one I like is the “sand in your hand” tour where each vacationer gets two hands full of ACOE dredge mud to walk over and place on an eroding beach. The visitor feels useful and we bypass the millions we spend each year in beach nourishment

If it is seasonal they want, around Halloween a tour could be sitting in on any Wharf Board meeting. That would scare the bejesus out of any visitor. [pirate]

Sheila Savage


Ron Shelby

You need to catch them before they get on the ship, not after. At the end, they are tired and want to go home. You have to get them when they are still "fresh".

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