Students on Texas City Independent School District campuses will be required to turn off their cellphones and store them in a purse or backpack before entering the school building this year, and won’t be able to use them until after the final bell has rung, according to a new district policy.

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Don Schlessinger


Gary Miller

A good first step.

Randy Chapman

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] This should have been done long ago. From what I understand, it was the policy, but just not enforced. Having grown up long before cell phones were invented, the little kiddies will survive being without their phones for 8 or so hours. They will not die, parents will be ok, and possibly, just possibly, learning will be allowed to take place. It is also a security issue. The crybabies not happy with this can home school their children.

Stephen Murphy

We were "busted" for passing notes in class.

Gary Miller

There will now be a competition among the little darlings to see who can come up with a way around this good policy.

Jose' Boix

It is great to write policies (and hopefully procedures) such as this one regarding use of cell phones; enforcement will define its success or failure. Likewise, there are policies to manage the required need for ID Badges and Dress Code. While I support all these, their success will depend on enforcement. Time will tell.

Carlos Ponce

I understand SFHS has been using face recognition software to augment their cameras and TCISD is looking to buy the same for their schools.

Wayne Holt

“Not only are cellphones disruptive during instruction, but they are also used throughout the day to hurt or wound others via text messages, social media and apps,” Cavness said.

This sentence started off so constructively; was it really necessary to plumb the depths of the latter despair? Are students using cellphones only to hurt or wound others? Are students today more likely to say hurtful things that we did 60 years ago? Might they just want to share something with a friend?

This policy should onl be about the phones being a disruption to learning, which is the purpose of education and the reason impediments to that end should be curtailed.

Since when were school districts empowered to decide what is hurtful, who may be hurt, what was said was intended to be hurtful or how someone just perceived it over a phone? Who gets to decide that bright line?

I suggest sticking to the basics of education and leaving the social engineering bit out of it.

David Hardee

BRAVO - there are some adults that use critical thinking among us.

Dwight Burns

This is good news.

TCISD gets an A in my book.

Dalton Logan

This is going to be interesting[innocent]

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