No one expected turnout for Tuesday’s runoff elections to match the historic levels Galveston saw during the Nov. 3 election — and it didn’t.

In the race that decided Galveston’s next mayor, low turnout meant the candidate who lost the least ultimately won.

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Jarvis Buckley

Time to put yesterday behind us. No more explanation. No more what ifs Galveston held a fair election. Bo didn’t motivate his supporters.

Mr. Brown had very vocal supporters.

The chamber endorsement was the kiss of death for Bo. It will be many years before any candidate accepts money or endorsement

from the Chamber.

Mary Branum

The Chamber did not endorse/support any candidate this year.

Wayne D Holt

Right, Ms. Branum. That was known as far back as March, if I recall correctly.

David Landriault

As a member of the Brown team, I have to respectfully disagree with your assessment of the turnout in the Galveston Mayoral. Historically, this was an incredible turnout for a runoff election. In the end, Brown won because his voters were more enthusiastic about his candidacy. They were willing to return to vote. Brown made his case to the people for his vision and they responded. There is also a well-known "first on the ballot" order issue that will always give more votes to the nonpartisan down-ballot candidates in the first position in large-turnout national races. Voters who came to vote for President and don't know about these local races just check the first box and move on. In the general election, we knew that Quiroga's first position accounted for an increase of around 14% of the expected vote totals. Quiroga's lead was always an illusion and people "in the know" had this down from day 1. We knew our voters were more enthusiastic and we had a very strong chance to win if we could turn out our base. This was not a surprise to us at all. Congratulations, Mayor Brown! The real winner was the City of Galveston. I am glad progress will continue.

Debra Criss

Thanks for the obviously more accurate assessment of the results.

Debra Criss

To clarity, thanks David Landriault for the correct assessment of the results.

David Landriault

Thank you so much, Debbie. I had a front-row seat for history. It was a real honor to work with Mayor Brown. I know he will do an amazing job for all of Galveston. The team we built was incredible.

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