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David Hardee

Southern News Co. President Woolsey brings in a reporter from his recent defunct Del Rio paper and this human interest story is only for a very small and particular segment of our community. Page A1 A large color photo and a long article followed up on A7 with 2 more photos and continuation of the story on the pight of drag queens is over the top.

Woolsey may find circulation of the GDN replicating that of the Del Reo paper if this is his conclusion of what the general public needs or wants.

Gary Scoggin

If the story doesn’t interest you, then don’t read it. Unless, that is, you wanted to be triggered and have something to complain about.

David Hardee

To each his own, Gary. If you would like to harass the comments, which is your

usual style, I will NOT respond to your snide snippets because they are the product of a simple-minded belligerent.

The article is overdone, gaudy, and without merit to the general public. This effort by a staff reporter is reminiscing of the Gay Marriage expose in the GDN a few years back which was widely disturbing to the subscribers.

Gary, it would be of some value if you commented on the article. Your opinion on the article would reveal your thought process and enlighten the GDN and readers to your appreciation of what is worthy of publishing for public consumption. Try and make it more than a snippet.


Gary Scoggin

I found the article interesting because it highlighted an aspect of our County’s culture of which I was previously unaware. I learned something. But then I’m just a simple-minded belligerent.

David Hardee

Good! Gary, you should pursue your interest and attend some of their shows. The article states they need support and you seem to want to delve deeper into that CULTURE. Go for it.

Gary Scoggin

Well, due to COVID I am staying out of those types of venues. And to be honest, while I find the existence of that type of enterainment in Galveston interesting, it is not my cup of tea. But I did enjoy the movie Victor/Victoria though.

David Hardee

Thanks for the reply, Gary. We are both in pursuit of the best for society, and our progeny. Let us help the media back to respectability. All we have locally is the GDN. Scrutinizing the GDN is a small but valuable endeavor.


Dan Freeman

"I will NOT respond to your snide snippets because they are the product of a simple-minded belligerent." You just did. Head spinning[tongue]

David Hardee

Good ole Dan - precision to the dialogue in these threads is a stretch too far.

No response to, but did alert that snippets (like this one by Dan) are useless.

Dan, I will play kindergarten debate with you. Dan says I did - I say I did not. Your turn Dan.

I used the opportunity to emphasize the GDN's historic efforts to publicize this segment of society's activities as disturbing to subscribers. And to also draw out the reasoning for Jim's response. Jim dissolved the contention and stated his position as being intrigued by the existence of that element in our CULTURE. That as a reasonable reaction to the blaring article - from Jim and others that do not dwell in that "culture."

What say you Dan about that "culture?"

David Hardee

Comment to Dan should have referenced Gary, not Jim.

Jim Forsythe

David, you are upset with the story because you do not like what Myer was reporting on and not the professional job Myer did. Are you upset with the other

stories Myer did (over 20) for the GDN.

I went back and reviewed the other stories Myer did and found all enjoyable and well written.

I want to welcome Myer to Galveston and hope that GDN continues to have a professional staff reporting the news for a long time to come.

David Hardee

Yes, Jim, your correct - the story, over-produced, gaudy, etc. is the issue. Mr. Myers the "reporter" unfortunately was in the crosshairs of my complaint , and I utilized the defunct Del Rio as a persuasive caveat. Mr. Woolsey is the driver of the newspaper and he is responsible to the public. I want a newspaper and journalist that will find, instigate, pursue to a conclusion those issues that will well serve society. The city of LaMarque is totally dysfunctional and that scam of $524,000.00 never resolved, The publishing of the BLM manifesto as part of an article without exposing the origination, and intent, etc. are simply a few of the dangling issues that left uncompleted

The media and our GDN must cleanse themselves of the dominant conclusion that the Media are perpetrators of slanted and titillating reporting. The Woolsey's of the 4th Estate dictate and young idealistic reporters never will achieve the trust of a Morrow, Swaze, or even a Zindler, sadly.

Mr. Meyer's welcome aboard. Your (Jim says) 20 years of professional conduct is surely needed.


Jim Forsythe

No David the story was not over over-produced, gaudy. Your issue is you do not like the subject of the story.

One can not report on Drag queens without photos. Jennifer Reynolds did a good job capturing the subjects of the article. The Galveston area area has many that disagree with you. On weekends people travel to Galveston just for the Drag shows. The downturn this last year has hurt everyone including groups such as drag entertainers and the places where they perform. Hope Myer will also highlight other groups that are having problems that we may not be aware of, that they are also having problems.

Your trying to say in some way, Myer was responsible for the Del Rio closing, holds no water.

Many papers all over the USA has closed and the people that did work at those papers have to work somewhere.

If you have reviewed the past 20 articles that Myers has wrote for the GDNs, do so as you may find as I did that they are well written. We are Fortunate to have Myers at the GDNs.

David Hardee

I hate having to critique these replies. Meyers was (by the subline of the article) in Del Rio for 20 years, not the nonexistent "GDNs" - If you meant the Southern News Co. well - it is improbable anyone in Galveston County subscribes. Ergo Jim you are unique in your rendition of Meyer's credentials. I wished him a welcome on your recommendation. We will see in the future.

Newspapers that have closed were caused by several reasons but the dominant reason is lack and loss of subscribers. Right?

What is unclear that I admitted that the Del Rio reference was meant as a caveat (caveat means warning) to the GDN.

Jim, If a front-page spread and a page 7 voluminous spread with 3 color pictures is a norm for the GDN reference another article that received that super presentation.

As to the subject matter of the article and presentation, there is no doubt it was gaudy (gaudy means extravagantly bright or showy, typically so as to be tasteless). These performers refer to themselves as gaudy with intentions to titillate.

Nothing presented with an intention to titillate ever generates acceptable to a critical thinker. Like every one of us and all the legitimate businesses suffering from the Chinese Virus that deserve mentioning but Drag Queens are at the bottom of deserving on my list. Interpret that statement in any manner you like.

Ted Gillis

Woosley understands the newspaper business better than most of us. I have a feeling that he sees his current demographic soon becoming subscribing residents of Shady Pines. His reaching out to a younger and a more diverse audenince makes wise business sense. Loosing one or two octingerians, while picking up dozens or more from the prized 45-60 age bracket is a pretty good trade off. His advertisers see the same need also.

David Hardee

Nothing wrong with your premise, Ted. For the past 20 years, the decline in newspaper circulation has been the path. Woolsey won't lose this octogenarian cause I don't quit. If he has the resurrecting potion he had better use it soon. MNG Enterprises, Inc. has been gobbling up newspapers at cheap prices across the country and Southern is shutting them down trying to hang on.

I want GDN to prosper and my criticism, though misconstrued, is well-intended. The media hurts itself more then I ever can.

Bailey Jones

haha. This is hilarious because of what came across my Instagram feed today.


(Don't worry - it's not biblical prophecy.)

David Hardee

Bailey, I am very familiar with the literature you use for support of your positions. I would suspect your Instagram (which I do not use to influence my deliberations) is most likely more of the same. You are looking for help in all the wrong places.


Bailey Jones

Ah yes, my "literature". lol. Never change, David.

John Lengyel


Jim Forsythe

David I said, If you have reviewed the past 20 articles that Myers has wrote for the GDNs, not that he work for anyone for 20 years.

David Hardee

I am confused, this is the statement at the end of this article "Myer Lee


Myer joined The Daily News in later 2020 after previously working at our sister newspaper the Del Rio News-Herald.

What am I missing, Jim - help me understand what you want me to change as to Mr. Meyer's journalistic BIO, longevity or employer.

Thanks, David

Virginia Stone

Wow, another group of people David would like to cancel out since he doesn't approve of who they are and what they do, does David believes he has absolute knowledge of the interests of all of Galveston Daily News readers or is it more about what he feels they should be interested in.

Carlos Ponce

Virginia, this topic does not interest many in Galveston County. And many who saw it, read it see it as another sign of a decadent society. Main comment I heard among the populace, "Why on Page One?"

Virginia Stone

I really enjoyed the article and love a good drag show because they are beautiful and no, Carlos, you are not the mighty force of knowledge on how all readers of this newspaper read and enjoy an article, you simply assume to be.

Carlos Ponce

No Virginia, REAL women are beautiful. What you are looking at is mockery of womanhood. Time to get outside your bubble. Most of the county thinks it's ridiculous.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, you said ,"Main comment I heard among the populace "Why on Page One?" and the main populace would be you, Carlos, and David and who else in this forum?

Who else has said negative commits' on this forum, besides you two?

Carlos you also said, "sign of a decadent society." really? Is it because they dress in woman garments? If so, are the performers' in movies, Opera and stage that dress in your unapproved garments also "sign of a decadent society."? Can one only wear one type of dress? Are you OK with women wearing jeans, as one time it was consider dressing as a man? Are you against Kilts? My guess Carlos you would also be against drag kings;

Looks like the majority thinks it was nice to have a different kind of story, and most of us had not realized drag entertainer's were have money problems. Yes, they are entertainer's, using their craft to pay the bills. Would you prefer that Drag Queens be on the public assistance?

This is what a small town paper is about, to bring you stories that are like this. The stories that have issues most would have not know, was a issue.

If you are interested Carlos, you can read a similar story in the Dallas Morning News.

‘It’s a struggle’: How Dallas’ drag queens are making it work in the COVID-19 pandemic (dallasnews.com)

Carlos Ponce

"and the main populace would be you, Carlos, and David and" THOUSANDS of Galveston County residents.

Jim, there is no conceptual difference between "drag queens" and "Blackface".

David Hardee

Carlos, don't let these harassers pull you off-topic - the article and overblown is the issue. Bailey wants to move it to morality and Jim can't stop with the pleading acceptable to the general public, which is absurd by a historical reaction to the similar article.

Don,t get into arguing morality and acceptability. Jim has a very broad knowledge about this CULTURE apparently. And Virginia is a fan. Let Jim and Virginia educate us. They can surely tell how drag queens are good and valuable to humanity.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, have you ever been to a Drag Show. If you had, you would know many in the audience are women. Was Robin demeaning women in MRS. DOUBTFIRE? How about Flip Wilson as Geraldine Jones? These movies, Hairspray , Orlando , The Nutty Professor , Breakfast On Pluto , Junior , The Fifth Element, Dallas Buyers Club , The Three Fugitives , Tango and Cash have men dressed as women. Are you Carlos against any of these movies that have men dress as women? If not, are you only against Drag Queens?

Jim Forsythe

Blackface is inherently racist. You can’t take the racism out of it. Drag, on the other hand, you can easily separate from misogyny. Most drag — in fact, almost all drag — is about strong, powerful, admirable female characters. With blackface black people are the butt of the joke. But with drag it’s not women who are the butt of the joke but rules about gender roles. Nobody looks at a drag queens and thinks, “Oh, yeah, that’s what women are really like” — the way that a lot of Americans did with blackface and minstrel shows.

And there’s something else going on with drag. Unlike stock minstrel characters, drag characters are a personal expression of the performer. Drag queens aren’t just imitating female stereotypes; they’re expressing how fluid their own gender can be. That’s why a performer’s drag name, and drag family, and drag costume are so important to them. Blackface performers, on the other hand, aren’t expressing anything internal. They’re not asserting their personal racial fluidity. All that blackface does is lie about what people of color are like.

Not only are women not usually offended by drag, but women actually perform drag themselves. Even little girls do drag when they dress up as princesses. Those are exaggerated feminine characters, an expression of an attraction to or curiosity about gender roles. Drag is how you explore who you are, or who you can become.

So Carlos you asked why drag is OK and blackface isn’t, drag is an expression of yourself, whereas blackface is an attack on someone else; blackface reinforces an imbalance of power, whereas drag disassembles an imbalance of power; blackface is a relic, whereas drag is what we all do, every day, every time we put on clothes.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, why would you bring Black Face into a article about Drag Queens? Do you know a Drag Queens that preforms in Black Face?

If you do not think that this a good article to be in the GDNs , perhaps you would have preferred one about how State and federal officials have called for investigations into whether President Trump violated election laws — or possibly committed other crimes — in his Saturday phone call to Georgia’s secretary of state.

Myself, I prefer a Drag Queen story over one about Trump.

Bailey Jones

Jim: "Myself, I prefer a Drag Queen story over one about Trump."

Why can't we have both?


Carlos Ponce

Jim asks "Was Robin demeaning women in MRS. DOUBTFIRE?" Jim, there's a big difference between the character Robin Williams played and a drag queen. The character Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) was trying to imitate a woman, no exaggeration on make-up, dress, mannerisms. By definition a "drag queen" is "a male who dresses up in women's clothing, typically for public performance. Twhose clothing and makeup are typically greatly exaggerated, so the end result is typically a parody of women in general." Robin Williams was not dressed as a "drag queen".

Jim Forsythe

Wow, Trump putting the moves on Rudy!

Carlos Ponce

"Blackface is inherently racist." Drag queens are inherently sexist. Do you know any REAL women who look or act like queens?

How about Shirley Q. Liquor (Chuck Knipp) - Dressed in drag with Blackface. Because many are entertained by his antics do you find this acceptable?

Drag Queen RuPaul writes, "Critics who think that Shirley Q. Liquor is offensive are idiots. Listen, I've been discriminated against by everybody in the world: gay people, black people, whatever. I know discrimination, I know racism, I know it very intimately. She's not racist, and if she were, she wouldn't be on my new CD." In his blog, RuPaul adds: "I am very sensitive to issues of racism, sexism and discrimination. I am a gay black man, who started my career as a professional transvestite in Georgia, twenty years ago."

I don't view either one. How about Jim Forsythe?

Carlos Ponce

JIm asks, "Carlos, why would you bring Black Face into a article about Drag Queens?" because each is similar in concept.

And " Do you know a Drag Queens that preforms in Black Face?" There's someone calling himself Shirley Q. Liquor. And in Texas City Stingaree yearbooks you will find many a young white boy dressed as "Mammy".

Jim Forsythe

Wrong again Carlos, Just as MRS. DOUBTFIRE is a performance, so are the people that preform as Drag Queens.

MRS. DOUBTFIRE was a male who dresses up in women's clothing, for a performance.

Do you have a problem with Female Impersonators?

The Drag Queens pictured for this story, are dressed to preform on stage.

Anytime a person is on stage makeup and clothing must be exaggerated for the ones in back of the auditorium to be able to have the whole experience.

Just as any actors, Drag Queens use stage makeup.

A review of Mrs. Doubtfire -- the main character Daniel, dresses up in granny drag

A movie loved by most, Mrs. Doubtfire, starring the late Robin Williams, as an actor who’s life is basically falling apart: he recently quit his job, he is just divorced, and because of said divorce, he his now homeless. In order to turn his life around, the main character Daniel, dresses up in granny drag as a 60-ish year old woman playing the part of a nanny in his ex-wife’s household.

Jim Forsythe

And in Texas City Stingaree yearbooks you will find many a young white boy dressed as "Mammy". What year Carlos?

So Carlos you asked why drag is OK and blackface isn’t, drag is an expression of yourself, whereas blackface is an attack on someone else; blackface reinforces an imbalance of power, whereas drag disassembles an imbalance of power; blackface is a relic, whereas drag is what we all do, every day, every time we put on clothes.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, so you are a fan of Shirley Q. Liquor s. That answers a lot.

You do know that he preforms as a Drag Queen.

Do you know any REAL women who look or act like queens? Yes they are called Drama Queens and also Karen's.

Women dress in all kinds of ways and wear different amounts of makeup. This is not what defines them, just as what a Drag Queen wears on stage is not what they wear in daily life, unless they choose too. You may know a Drag Queen and not know that he has another life, that he does to talk to you about.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, BIG DIFFERENCE between Robin Williams' performance in Mrs Doubtfire and a drag queen. If you cannot figure out the difference you have a personal problem.

I am not a fan of Shirley Q Liquor. Someone brought it up in a previous forum when the topic of Michael Berry came up. So I looked it up.I don't listen to Berry's show. I find it boring.

And the "Mammy" portrayer is probably some reader's grandpa. I don't want to identify him or the year he appears in "The Stingaree". You can look it up if you want.

And I do not care for either Blackface or drag queens. I find they are conceptually similar. But I understand there are some people who like them. That's their problem. I find it hypocritical that some like drag queens which stereotypes women in a negative way and Blackface which stereotypes African-Americans in a similar fashion.

Me, I prefer REAL women and don't care for pretenders and exaggerators.

Jim Forsythe

If you are afraid that a Drag Queen may want to date you, do not hold your breath.

Mrs Doubtfire and a drag queen. They both dressed for a performance.

Trying to fit a "Mammy" portrayer that's now is some reader's grandpa, when it was thought to be OK at that time, but not now has no merit. You do know this is 2021.

Carlos, have you ever sit down and talked to a Drag Queen? If you ask them if they considered themselves a women, they would tell you that being a Drag Queen for most is a way to make a living. Would you prefer that they were on public assistance? Carlos, would you be willing to pay a Drag Queen not to work?

If you would like to talk to or go too a show with a Drag Queen, I can arrange it for you.

Carlos Ponce

Robin Williams did not portray a drag queen in "Mrs. Doubtfire". He portrayed a female impersonator. Not the same.

Jim Forsythe

In the movie The Birdcage, Williams portrayed the gay dad dealing with a hetero son, as well as the owner of a drag cabaret and same-sex lover of its star drag queen performer.


Robin Williams in Drag Makes for Classic Career Performances ALYSON WYERS — SEPTEMBER 18, 2013 — POP CULTUREHARE ON FACEBOOK SHARE ON TWITTER SHARE ON LINKEDIN SHARE ON PINTEREST: Robin Williams in drag made the 1990s classic Mrs. Doubtfire.

Jim Forsythe

TP performs at many clubs in Miami as does Daisy and Calypso.

TPs interview.

With seven regular gigs a week, this hardworking queen can pull off everything from pageant-glam to club-kid-inspired androgyny. Often spotted in sky-high platforms, eye-popping headpieces, and sometimes even a set of wings, this queen can take you to another planet with her high-energy performances.

What Drag Means to TP: "It's the realization that you make people's days and nights brighter. People could be going through a hard time and we make them laugh and have a good time and forget their problems. For us, it's the same thing. We could be going through something, but you use it performing. We use that as an escape."

What Keeps TP Going: "Everything was put on me, and I didn't choose it. It just came to me. I just use what God gave me. I always tell my brothers, 'God gave you a talent — why don't you use it to better yourself and make a career out of it?'"

What Drag Means to Daisy: "It rolls everything I love into one job. Every creative outlet. Makeup artistry, dance, comedy. I've DJ'ed, done commercials, and been in a movie. It's got several different branches it reaches. You can truly be and do everything through drag, and I love it.

What Drag Means to Calypso: "It's something that's fun and really empowering to me. I grew up a chunky kid. I was 320 pounds. Now, I'm like 170. It's something that helped me become more outgoing and explore my dreams."

Carlos Ponce

We get it, Jim. You like drag queens. I still prefer real women.

David Hardee

Virginia, I have been expecting you would join the bevy of usual suspects that harass the commenter.

You are questioning the veracity of my conclusion that the article will be disturbing to the general public. that is what I interpret from your ", does David believes he has absolute knowledge of the interests of all of Galveston Daily News readers or is it more about what he feels they should be interested in.", writing.

Well, my referring to the historical reaction to a similar article should satisfy your question.

Respectfully considering that it is you Virginia, a female, that is the target of these performers it would be your comments on the ARTICLE and the activities performed that could be most illuminating for us (only males have commented so far),

Virginia, do you find the pictures gaudy and Buffon representation of your gender image. What, Virginia, would be the effect on and reaction from your family, children, and friends if you appeared in the garb and makeup of the photos in the article.

Help us understand the salience (the quality of being particularly noticeable or important; prominence).of this (which one commenter called CULTURE) genre.

Please respond.


Virginia Stone

I will in my time and my way

Ron Shelby

Great Story. Keep them up. Show us all aspects of our community and how they are impacted by Covid-19. Don't let them "fall through the cracks". That's what a paper is supposed to do.

Bailey Jones

Yes, one wonders why there was no outrage at the front-page story about the effects of COVID on those ne-er do well fireworks vendors hawking their flaming litter to scofflaws (12/31) or those degenerate Mardi Gras peeps in their scandalous sex-affirming costumes (12/30) or those tree-hugging nature-loving "day-trippers" (12/29) or those anti-American "Dickensians" promoting monarchy and European morality in their outlandish top hats and bonnets (12/2) and since when is Jupiter and Saturn of any interest to Galvestonians - they aren't even on this planet. And then there was the lady who returned a library book (12/19) (actually I do recall an angry comment about that story).

Turtles, penguins, cruise ship frequenters, Black Friday shoppers - when will it stop? Why can't you just publish stories that I want to read? Things that don't take me outside of my comfort zone or challenge my cherished prejudices? Stories that reinforce my worldview and don't make me have to think, or - even worse - turn past page one? If I wanted that sort of experience I'd read a book.

harrumph! harrumph!

Carlos Ponce

There is so much GOOD going on in Galveston that should be reported .... but it's not. Take for example the young African-American group who aided the Cordrays in one of their home renovations. I believe their shirts read "Putting NEIGHBOR back in the HOOD".

Virginia Stone

Thanks, Bailey some of these hate-mongers really are just afraid extremely afraid of most people, and for that reason, these cowards can never escape the fact that they will always be on the wrong side of history and will never be brave enough to escape their safe little box of like-minded haters.

Jim Forsythe

Virginia, as only two showed up today, maybe we are turning the corner from out of the past.

Bailey Jones

"Drag" is an affront to the patriarchy. In this worldview, the feminine is inferior and subordinate to the masculine, so any time a man dresses as a woman he debases himself, and by extension all men. The idea that feminity could be something worth emulating is beyond the imagination of that worldview. That notion is often beaten out of young boys. Pain begets shame, and shame begets bigotry.

Or so I understand it. I wasn't raised that way.

David Hardee

Bailey, please send me the instruction that your parent used in guiding you from a child into the person you describe as never experiencing any pain, shame, and eventually arrived at the purity of character without any flaws that would be judgmental, discriminating, critical, or any semblance of bigotry. Was there ever any form of discipline applied? Did, your parents use only good examples as the method of grooming you to be able to manage life and cope with all the trials and tribulations you would encounter. Did you ever even receive a scowl from a parent because you disappointed them - a scowl could cause shame, unfortunately. It must be a little exhausting to stay balanced between masculinity and femininity and back as needed.

The previous paragraph contains almost as much lunacy as your posting of the sermon on how the event of encountering Drag will affect the perception of a male about himself and also make femininity a characteristic he would fear to emulate. A person afflicted with what you describe is unbalanced psychologically.

It is tragic that the nuclear family is vanishing under the influence of me-ism and the federal government usurping control over every element of our lives, nanny state.

This WAS the path for raising a good/normal human,

A child in a normal family (biological parents male&female) will emulate even without beating the gender identical parent. And in a wholesome/nurturing relation (like the one apparently you were blessed with) the lowest level of discipline, a scowl, creates the shame emotion in the child, and nothing more is required to produce the guidance intended. Application of more severe punishment will be effective and corporal punishment avoided always.

The sentiment in your sermon is well taken. But there is no pixy dust yet that will create your idealistic environment. A healthy amount of shame will serve a good purpose and create a healthy, respectful human - male and female.

I was raised that way.


David Hardee

Virginia, calm down. Stay in the civil zone. Name-calling serves no purpose and indicates raging hormones. Cowards don't put forward a statement that will elicit controversy. Cowards huddle fearing rejection and hide in closets. There are no cowards in this thread and a hate monger would use those popular derogatory terms in a vicious tone. Your is the only direct attack and coming from a lady is shocking. You reference a "little safe box" is that synonomous with a "closet"?

Virginia Stone

David, you name call as a habit but indirectly it is called passive-aggressive and attacks in a non-direct way it is subtle. When you talk down to me as a woman by blaming my "raging hormones " for calling you a coward, is an example of passive-aggressive behavior and is just inaccurate, I called you a coward because I wanted to which I regret, excuse me. Cowards often do put out statements that elicit controversy because these people believe they have the gift of gab and they are sure they are much more intelligent than most and have all the answers, people who talk much and have very poor listening skills. I'm speaking about people who rarely if ever apologize because they don't regret anything they say or think they believe being mistaken in any way shows weakness so why would they ever admit to a mistake in thought word or deed. Bummer, I shocked you I wonder if all women who you disapprove of in some way shock or anger you, by the way, a box has more than one synonym one is your mind, I was mistaken calling you a coward, and do sincerely apologize.

David Hardee

Thanks, Virginia for the gracious reply. I assure you and confess that I possess all the foibles necessary to be classified a human. At times it is difficult for me to tolerate myself. The effort to compose and write a thought - opinion - response is fraught with struggles. My fears are for the progeny of us. 80 years of travel in our society has given me a secure knowledge that many small things have had a dramatic effect over time causing an unending decline in the quality, integrity, moraity of our society in general. This thread is about one of those small thngs that has become normalized and grown into a dramatic effect and needs to be placed in an appropriate classification available to those wanting to participate but not promoted to the formative minds of the innocent as normal/acceptable or desirable. Where the departure from being discriminatory with good intention and being a bigot is in the eye of the beholder.

Thanks again for the gracious reply.


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