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Bill Sterchi

If it's not broke, don't fix it. There was a time when Austin was a JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, and I attended there. Seems like there are some who would like to break the superior with the inferior to feel good about themselves perhaps patting themselves on the back doing something meaningful about the Island's children getting a better education. Parents need to take a very hard look in the mirror and ask if they are doing the most they can do about raising their children and helping them with their education - learning starts at home. Educators are strapped with enormous taskings - teaching children and watching those little light bulbs shine, or in some cases not. Figuring out what it takes to get light out of that bulb isn't easy. While doing their best, they are tasked with mandates from above that make their jobs more difficult, along with working within their "group" which is sometimes a difficulty within itself. Not all teachers are effective team players.

Of course, education garners the most from the tax base here on our little sand bar. Take a look at your taxes to figure that one out. All the while, there are students who would rather be disruptive, uncontrollable, unruly little miscreants who would do the process a great service by just leaving it entirely and letting those who are trying to get an education of some sort, do their best in an unencumbered environment.

I haven't chased down the current statistics on Galveston schools, but the last time I did, they were awful - not mediocre, awful. I wonder if this "grade sectioning" is supposed to improve that somehow.

Walter Dannenmaier

Bill, it's a cargo cult mentality. We have one school that had standards for academic achievement and behavior. It performed well. This, of course should be no surprise. But people just don't want to believe that the standards of admission had anything to do with the outcomes. Standards are unpleasant, and unacceptable as some children won't meet them. I suppose the idea that letting all students attend the "good" school will achieve the same results is what's at play here. But soon enough the "good" school won't be so good anymore. And all concerned will find it a mystery.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Dannenmaier> Absolutely! [thumbup][thumbup]

Charles Douglas

Mr. Sterchi> Absolutely! [thumbup][thumbup]

Charlotte O'rourke

There is only so much circling over and over again - chasing one’s tail - an official should be allowed. The school board needs to stop studying the issue over and over and make a decision - one way or another - so the community, staff, and students can move forward.

Watching the committee, it was awesome to realize that so many community members and staff volunteered their time and energy to help all of Galveston’s middle school children succeed to the best of their abilities.

Andrew Wright-Broughton

What does it matter? They all have to go to ball high. I graduated from ball and raised three kids in GISD. They all have different lives and they all are doing well. Again parents should work on ball high. Andrew Wright-Broughton.

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