The sheriff of Kinney County traveled 369 miles to Galveston on Thursday, not for the island breezes but to file a lawsuit against President Joe Biden about the U.S.-Mexico border.

John Wayne Ferguson: 409-683-5226; or on Twitter


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James Lippert

It may very well require a few private causes of action, with a ruling by a finder of fact, to get our massive illegal immigration situation under control. Hoping Judge Henry gets on-board ASAP.

Carlos Ponce

Ask any ICE agent what they think of Biden's management of the border.

If it hadn't been for creepy-eyed Joe

This country would have recovered long time ago

Where did Joe come from? When will Joe go?

Where did you come from, creepy-eyed Joe?

Now what's Joe say? BULLSH*T!

Joe says what? BULLSH*T!

Joe's full of what? BULLSH*T!

Did he win last November? BULLSH*T!!!!!!!!!

(Anyone offended by the use of that word, remember, it's printed in the Galveston Daily News.) [tongue]

David Landriault

Never root against America, Carlos. WE always come out on top.

Carlos Ponce

I will never root against America.

David Landriault

Then you are rooting for Biden to continue to succeed. Good. it sure sounded like you hoped he would fail and take America with him. That would be really unamerican, don't you agree?

Gary Miller

Not the first, not the last. Every place being harmed by Biden(?) border policy needs to get a suit started. That would include 3,313 US counties and all US towns and cities. Every business, home owner, employer and employee is harmed by Biden policy.

Ted Gillis

Why doesn’t this cat go to Laredo, Bexar, Cameron, Hidalgo or Nueces county. Those places are all much closer and have much more in common than Galveston county does with them. (I will say that I did like Alamo Village when I visited there as a kid).

This guy is just looking for publicity. I do have to give Trochesset a thumbs up though for not engaging in this guy’s nonsense

Have a nice trip back to Brackettville, deputy.

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