Kathy Bankston and Roy Turner aren’t too happy with the sight outside their windows these days.

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Carlos Ponce

"Highway 3 and FM 2004" - Do you mean Highway 6 and FM 2004? FM 2004 does intersect Highway 3 but not in Hitchcock.

Paul Hyatt

Journalism is not what it used to be....

James Lippert

Good eye Carlos. Exactly what I was thinking, 2004 ends @ 45. BUT no, after giving it some thought 2004 jumps across 45 and DOES end at Highway 3. The story is correct regarding this.

Also, I do agree with the general intent of the article. Not a lot of people know about this, but a goodly part of the most recently develolped South Shore area along Clear Lake/Creek was what I would argue should have been wetlands worthy of protection. Guess it is hard to argue with Galveston County, whose responsibility includes protecting the environment/issuing permits but also financially benefits from the tax revenue of the "developed" property.

Paul Hyatt

If the City Manager was that worried about flooding then why are these homes being built?

Jim Forsythe

Sep 21, 2019 GDN

About $17 million in federal funding could go toward a new housing development in Hitchcock for low- and moderate-income residents, state officials said.

The project calls for building an entirely new complex at the intersection of FM 2004 and state Highway 6 in Hitchcock, on about 33 undeveloped acres, Erickson said. Once complete, the property would have about 90 rental units, of which 63 would be dedicated to low- and moderate-income residents and families.

Read more: https://www.galvnews.com/news/article_a1410e10-416e-569b-8cf0-e002bf82027f.html

Blanca Bell

Let's knock down a forest, fill in a wetland area and possibly flood residents living down stream on Highland Bayou. Anything for the almighty dollar!

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