Ed Mays fumes about it once a month as he and his wife wait in line to board at the Galveston-Port Bolivar Ferry landing.

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horace norris

I feel for the residents of Bolivar that have to wait in line for some tourist just wanting to take a boat something about that and problem solved

Miceal O'Laochdha

Years ago these lines were not anywhere near as long as they are now. It is tourists who have caused the long lines; and it is tourists therefore who should bear with the delays they have created. Instead, they pass wholly meritless judgement about the heath conditions of those they resent, and consider themselves a better judge of the disabilities of someone in a nearby automobile than the physicians who authorized the medical passes. If they do not like sitting in long lines, they can simply use Hwy 146 and I-10 to by pass the delay. Complaining tourists resemble the squawking seagulls that they feed on the ferry so everyone can have their cars shat upon.

Kathy Bee

The state is at a loss? Simple Fix: Register the pass to a specific individual. Then equally support the enforcement.

Gary Miller

People cheat to get an un earned benefit? Expected. A check system should be established that checks the passes before being directed to the fast pass line. Better choice would be to bypass Galveston.

John Merritt

There is a Transstar sign on I-10 just before the Winnie exit that is visible to traffic headed to the ferry. If the ferry management would use this sign to alert drivers when the ferry line is unusually long, then more people would chose to stay on the freeway and avoid the ferry. This would reduce the ferry line. I cannot understand why they do not use this resource.

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