Galveston County Commissioners on Monday will consider taking some sort of legal action against the Biden administration over illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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David Hardee

The Federal government has become a gargantuan intruder and disrupter to our society. Feds cannot, because of party affiliation struggle for power, perform in the interest of the general public. For example, there is no value to the general public/society/citizens associated to the open border policy. Even those wanting to jump the border are ill served/victimized by the Biden policy.

Our Federal representatives, their staff and the functioning bureaucrats have agendas with primary purpose of self aggrandizing, and power accumulation. the only public service they perform is spending all available and pandering for more, money. The Fed is a swamp of cannibals devouring their fellow citizens, figuratively, financially, and morally. Fearing this gargantuan Fed is the reason the founder's put the public/voter in control. They through Franklin said, 'A republic, if you can keep it.' Our responsibility ... and we the public/voter's have failed. So sad, disgusting and shameful we voters are,

Ted Gillis

Let’s see, are they going to ride around in a gunboat dressed in camouflage, while normal people cross back and forth on the international bridge right behind them, just off camera.

Doug Sivyer

Oh give me a break! They should be suing tRump over the senseless deaths and suffering this nation, state, county, has suffered due to his inept Covid 19 response and mismanagement of a multitude of other items we are all paying for now. I could list them but I don't have the hours at the moment it would take to do so.

Carlos Ponce

President Trump's response was based on advice from the "experts" including Dr. Anthony Fauci. Blaming President Trump shows a lack of intelligent perspective.

David Hardee

Mr. Sivyer pleads "Oh give me a break!." Difficult to give any benefit of doubt that Mr. Sivyer has no creditable info or any understanding of the sequence of events associated to the pandemic origin and the events that followed in efforts to protect him and us from it being more deadly. The effort and the results of minimizing the CHINA originated virus are directly associated to the:

1. stopping the travel into the USA - Trumps act,

2. bringing the scientist and companies together to create a vaccine = Trumps act.

3. organizing manufacturing of respirators - Trump act.

4. building hospital facilities and supplying the Navy hospital ships (Especially NY) - Trump act.

5. assigning US Army logistics to establish vaccine distribution design, policies and procedures. Trump act

6. Having all the caravans stopped and retaining illegals in Mexico. Trump act

7. Setup first round of the funds to be distributed to help economic impact of virus. - Trump act

8. the speed of the vaccine development and the distribution are Trumps act, definitely.

Is Sivyer intentionally ignoring these event or just ignorant that they occurred.

Ted Gillis

But I thought he knew more than his generals.

Gary Miller

Ted> You thinking you could think was your problem.

Carlos Ponce

Ted, please remember the ENTIRE quote, "I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me." And after President Trump replaced them, ISIS was defeated. Have you heard "ISIS" in the news lately?

Gary Miller

Every Texas County should contribute to Abbots wall fund. And sue Biden.

Jim Forsythe

Gary, where is the land for the Texas wall going to come from?

Landowners have already said they weren't giving up their land.

Carlos Ponce

Landowners are fed up with illegals who trash their property, steal their property, threaten them. But Imminent domain for those who are holding out for more money. They won't be able to hold up construction but will probably drag this out in courts hoping for more $$$$$$$$.

"Jose Salazar, a local resident, said that despite the $250 million allocation, he felt the cost of illegal immigration far outweighs that amount. He believed that a continued influx of illegal immigrants would have effects in states across the country and a wall would hinder the victimization on children who are abandoned by human traffickers.

A local educator disclosed their disappointment with the city’s item of opposing the wall saying that the constant influx of students who immigrated illegally makes teaching difficult. The educator said that these children make it difficult to teach children and, in some cases, even affluent children being inadequately prepared."

However, Laredo City Council is considering sending a letter to Governor Abbott opposing wall construction. [rolleyes]

Problem is, the illegals engaged in people trafficking, drug trafficking and sex trafficking (including children) don't go through Laredo City limits or jurisdiction.

Jim Forsythe

Land alredy taken by Eminent domain, will not be given to Texas.

Dueling messages about the border region from local officials in Rio Grande City versus state leaders in Austin were at odds. While powerful state politicians are saying that border communities are unsafe and need to be protected by a wall, some local officials say that such attention is misplaced and that the broader needs of their communities are being ignored.

Locals would often rather talk about boosting the local economy, especially as it recovers from the pandemic-induced economic recession. South Texas was hit particularly hard by both the pandemic and the recession.

In the last year, Starr County had the highest peak of joblessness out of all Texas counties at 21.7% unemployment. Joblessness was also pervasive in most other border counties along the Rio Grande, especially in rural border counties where many people work in oil and gas, an industry that has seen a decline in jobs for years but especially suffered during the pandemic.

The timing of rhetoric aimed at the border from Abbott, Patrick and other state leaders, however, is unhelpful to the business community on the border, said Monica Stewart, who owns property in downtown McAllen. She said leaders in Washington should focus on fixing the legal immigration system to better enhance how people can efficiently get across the border, because much of McAllen’s sales tax revenues come from Mexican shoppers.

“Let’s face it,” Stewart said, “our business depends on Mexicans coming to shop.”

Violent crime in the county’s largest city is minimal — McAllen recorded one homicide in 2019 and three in 2020.

“According to my people here in law enforcement, the criminal acts here are petty and low in volume,” Cortez said. “We have a very high percentage of people in poverty. We need jobs for them. In order for that to happen we need people to come here and invest with us. Why would people want to invest with us if they only hear bad things?”

Carlos Ponce

"Land alredy taken by Eminent domain, will not be given to Texas."

Watch what happens.

Jim Forsythe

What happens?

Texas didn't take control of land,so we(Texas) have no control over the land that the government controls.

Carlos Ponce

If you haven't figured it out, Jim., Texas is HUGE. Once the Coyotes saw the Feds clearing the land for wall construction they redirected to other parts. These were supposed to monitored by CBP but Biden redirected these efforts to baby sitting.

Jim Forsythe

We are talking about Eminent domain, not about the size of Texas or Coyotes.

Texas will have to control land, to be able to build a fence.

Jarvis Buckley

I agree with you Gary . Biden’s non - response is hurting our relationship with Mexico . While filling the pockets of the Mexican cartels as well as China Cartels. Our overdoses are increasing daily while Biden Administration turns a blind eye.

Carlos Ponce

Add to that:

"Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has lambasted the Biden administration for U.S. financing of an anti-corruption group in the country after a bilateral meeting with Vice President Harris on Friday.

Obrador alleged that the U.S. is financially supporting a group called Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity, a group of 'coup plotters' that he claims are trying to undermine and overthrow the government."

“A foreign government cannot give money to political groups in another country. Our constitution forbids it,” said López Obrador.

Your tax dollars at work to stage a coup in a bordering country.

Ted Gillis

Just because Obrador claims that Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity are “coup plotters” doesn’t make it true Carlos. USAID (a US foreign aide agency) gives money to all sorts of groups. Obrador probably just wants all of the aide money funneled through himself and not through other groups.

Carlos Ponce

It's still against Mexican law, Ted.

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