As the city prepares this week for a second day of testimony in a lawsuit that could change many popular downtown events, supporters argue the current Mardi Gras model costs the public less and runs smoother than it once did.

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domenico nuckols

Why penalize the whole city for a sore loser and failed business

Gary Miller

How does Galveston get away with spending taxpayers money on a religious event? Anti religion politicians claim wording in the constitution saying government spending and religious activities must be kept separate.

mark jones

It can't be legal to charge the public an entry fee to enter public streets. New Orleans survives without an entry fee. The city pays for Dean's expenses and Dean keeps all the money. The current model benefits Dean, not the city. No matter if it's good or bad, I doubt it's legal.

Kristen Stephens

What I’m getting out of all this is that Yaga’s is the one benefitting from the fees. It’s common sense that this paid festival model has not worked since it started. I see the crowds and it’s really scary after 5pm. I think we should just do parades.

Don Schlessinger

I'm wondering why the Park Board isn't footing the costs that Galveston taxpayers are having to pay to support Mardi Gras and the bike rally. Are these events not designed to bring in tourists? Isn't the Park Board here to promote TOURISM? Also since Galveston's businesses are receiving direct benefit from increased tourist business why isn't the Galveston Chamber of Commerce helping support the events?

Terry Moore

Why does Flores think he can dictate how large a crowd should be for an event? Heck I don't like the parking fees at the beach but I pay if I want to go. It is needed for beach maintenance. If Dean can do Mardi Gras cheaper than the city then let him continue.

It's a little late trying to change it less than 2 months for this major event. Why not rent out your business that day for venues to compensate for your loss of customers? Do you really fill up your place in the dead winter brimming with customers? I highly doubt it. I went to a long well established place in Galveston on the weekend for a party of 20 and they were welcoming as they were pretty much dead in the late afternoon.

mark jones

The city has a model with big parties. That's the problem. The more I think about it, the city doesn't need Dean or Flores. The city loses money with both of them doing big parties. Toss both of them and keep just the parades.

Don Schlessinger


Paul Harrington

But what about like... the business owners? Like the businesses that make money? Like the ones that ones that pay employees and raise our tax base? What about them? Don't know if a parade could replace that.

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