A woman convicted in a scheme to steal the identities of more than 40 people was sentenced Wednesday to 30 years in prison, according to the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office.

A Galveston County jury the same day had convicted Brittany McCutcheon, 31, of Houston, of engaging in organized criminal activity.

The charges stemmed from an October 2017 incident in which police detained McCutcheon after she tried to buy a Bulova watch and $500 gift card at a Kohl’s department store in League City, prosecutors said.

Employees at the store called police because they recognized her from a warning that had been sent to the store by its corporate officers warning about a potential fraud scheme, prosecutors said.

Police checked the social security number McCutcheon had used to open a Kohl’s store account and found the number belonged to a Wisconsin woman. She also had fake driver licenses from Minnesota and Idaho, prosecutors said.

Police then obtained a warrant for McCutcheon’s phone, and found she had identifying information — including names, birth dates and social security numbers — of more than 40 people, prosecutors said.

McCutcheon obtained the personal information off the dark web — a layer of the internet that isn’t visible on search engines and requires a special software to access. Sites operated on the dark web often are used as an online black market.

McCutcheon and five other people used the information they bought off the internet to set up credit accounts and buy merchandise and gift cards, which they would then sell at a discount for cash, prosecutors said.

The charges against McCutcheon were enhanced because they involved other people, and because she had previously been convicted of robbery, prosecutors said. The identity theft scheme began one month after she had been released from prison on parole, they said.

She faced a maximum sentence of life in prison. McCutcheon will have to serve 15 years in prison before she is eligible for parole.

McCutcheon has appealed her conviction and sentence, according to court records.

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Randy Chapman

One down, thousands to go. Having been hit twice, it gives me a warm feeling to see one of the perps that commit these types of crimes get their rewards. What's in your wallet?

John E Sr. Macrini


Ron Shelby

What she did was terrible but Manafort only gets 4 years and she gets 30? Hmmmm.

Charles Hughes

Its called privelige

George Croix

Can't fix that....

George Croix

Obviously, the Judge sentencing Manafort is a Trump crony and the one sentencing the ID thief is a racist.


Wayne Holt

I was just wondering how an intoxicated woman can drive an SUV over a young girl, killing her, and wind up with annual grave marker visits for punishment. I hate ID thieves too, but I can understand why some would see this as Theft Bad/Manslaughter Good, depending on who was arrested.

George Croix

NOTHING tops the Durst case 'self-defense' when the dead person was cut up then tossed into the bay.......and the killer got off scot free........imo, of course......

Dan Freeman

Robert Durst was not found guilty of murder but was convicted of dismembering the body of Robert Morris.

George Croix

OK. Fair enough.....Scot free for murder minus 5 1/2 months token ......

LA Times article 3/16/15 revisiting the Durst 'trial' and not guilty verdict on the charge of murder......
"Durst was not unscathed: He later pleaded guilty to jumping bond, evidence tampering and taking a gun across state lines while on the run in connection with the Black case. He served five and a half months for the gun charge and was sentenced to parole, for which he was later jailed for violating.

That'll teach 'em not to mess with Texas...........



Dan Freeman

Sorry, Morris Black

Tamala Robinson

This is really sad. Yes she should go to jail and serve time, but the scale of justice for black people vs white people who commit far worse crimes then some blacks are not equal and or fair under the sentencing guidelines. The District Attorney and some of the judges need to re-evaluate their moral constitutional duties as to fair and equal treatment and sentences for all people and leave their bias and racist emotions out of the law and court room. Jury pools need to be more equal as for as race and it is not. Shame on the District Attorneys office and the judges who have failed miserably in this country and Galveston County in treating every individual fair as for as sentencing. Rich, White and Privilege will get you a far less sentence in jail or prison if any and if you are black and steal a piece of candy, the District Attorney's office and some of these judges will give you the maximum time just because you are born black! I am so sick of this new Jim Crow era of what is suppose to be justice for all. Yes if you do the crime, you do the time, but be fair about it and keep race and gender out of it. You all come to our churches when it is time to vote to get our votes, but you have no good intention of holding the law to the highest standard of what is right and just in the eyes of the law and what it stands for. Galveston County you need to wake up and demand equal and fair justice for everyone and demand that these judges be fair and non partial..

Harvey Mueller

So what might be a fair and non partial sentence for someone who 30 days out of prison for robbery on parole is in possession of 40 stolen identities, I mean leaving bias and racist emotions out of the law?

Dalton Logan

Just released from prison for robbery and then in less then a month she has violated parole, stolen the identifies of 40 people and will most likely only serve 15 years. That's only 4.5 months per person not even counting the parole violation. Sounds like a light sentence for a career criminal.

George Croix


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