City leaders have kept only scant financial information about a special tax zone formed to help fund the luxury Harborwalk development, even though state law requires detailed annual records be created and maintained about such zones.

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Gary Scoggin

What a mess. It just illustrates how poorly Hitchcock has been run over the past several years. It looks to me that both parties need to bring in an independent accountant to sort through everything and come up with the right number. But as shoddy as the bookkeeping appears to have been, this will be no easy task.

Paul Hyatt

Welcome to Hitchcock the city where no one is accountable and where money flows out of our city and no one knows why or can explain why. Been like this for many a year and it seems like it just keeps getting worse by the year....

Ron Shelby

The TIRZ has a board, and everyone on it had fiscal responsibilities as board members. Time to direct questions to them directly as individual board members, and legally if need be. They are ultimately responsible for the record keeping and report filings for the TIRZ. GDN, who makes up this TIRZ board?

Gary Miller

Ron> The city should pay the TIRZ nothing until the TIRZ gets it's records in order and up to date. The board should be paid nothing until everything is Kosher.

James Lippert

Very good and objective article regarding the very thing that has prevented Galveston County to move forward; greed & corruption. A thorough forensic accounting audit & investigation needs to be performed on behalf of the taxpayers to determine the truth in this matter.

Paul Hyatt

Good luck getting that out of Hitchcock....

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