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David Hardee

Wow! the tourism industry is celebrating a potential financial boom and the at the same time the locals are lamenting the inflation that is busting their financial security.

That mimics the Biden's distortion that "we are doing great" while shortages are raising prices, food prices explode, the stock market is losing value and the all the indicators say no relief in sight.

It is another convolution like saying prison population is down because criminals are not being prosecuted.

Paula Flinn

We are doing great. Inflation is a worldwide problem. Have you checked the gas prices in Europe? Do you blame Biden for that?

Carlos Ponce

Gas prices in Europe have always been high.The rate of inflation started climbing in January 2021 post inauguration.

2021 Jan 1.4 Feb 1.7 Mar 2.6 Apr 4.2 May 5.0 Jun 5.4 Jul 5.4 Aug 5.3 Sep 5.4 Oct 6.2 Nov 6.8 Dec 7.0

2022 Jan 7.5 Feb 7.9 Mar 8.5 Apr 8.3 May 8.6

The Biden blames Putin.[rolleyes]

Putin invaded Ukraine in February 2022 when the rate was 7.9%. Yes, I blame Biden for the rising inflation rate.

Mark Wyant

Actually yes I do. Biden stopped the pipeline that would bring oil from Canada DAY ONE in his presidency and added tons of new regulations as well as canceled drilling on federal lands and made it be known that his administration was an enemy of oil producers. This Has the effect of reducing financing available for new drilling from third sources. So YES Biden is to blame if you open up your partisan eyes to see. I don’t remember 5.90 gas during the Trump Administration do you?? And NO awe aren’t doing great. We have the HIGHest inflation in the civilized world. Higher than China, Japan, France, Italy, England or Germany. Google it and see.

Mark Wyant

No one is “celebrating” my friend. Just stating facts as to Galvestons proximity to its primary markets. Quit putting words in other peoples mouths.

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