When the weather’s nice, it’s typical to see golf carts cruising downtown streets, puttering to a restaurant or taking a spin around the neighborhoods. Golf carts are so common on the island that residents organized golf cart parades for pandemic- legal Mardi Gras celebrations.

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The golf carts et al present a real danger - there will be a tragic accident if we delay action. I see overloaded carts, driven by kids, carrying dogs and once in awhile they park where they feel like. So what to do. The first thing is to recognize that Seawall is a highway that people have to use to live and work. So please take the first step and get them off Seawall. Then sort out SANE regulations.

Jeannette Guest

Marie Robb and you are wrong about golf carts and police need to step up enforcement of current laws , which would clear up many of the other complaints.Lax enforcement needs to be corrected , new ordinances not so much , many will disregard those as well.It seems the council is to blame once again. All hell will break loose this summer when , police , fire, and ambulances can't get past Fertitas center lane fiasco, which looks like a reckless way to spend tax dollars.

Trudy Deen Davis

The carts are a disaster waiting to happen with the busy summer season expected. Users are not following the rules about where they can use them and to pull to the side to let traffic pass. How a family could load their children on one and travel down Seawall is mind boggling to me. I see how much fund they can be and in the neighborhoods, Strand area or from a vacation rental to the beach is understandable. Crossing 3005 is a nightmare though. We have more impaired drivers during this season as well increasing the risk.

Don Schlessinger

There you have it citizens of Galveston. Our city council is going to have a meeting to discuss this problem. Nothing we want done will happen, but the council is going to have a meeting. Thank you Marie Robb for being the only council member who seems to understand what we CITIZENS of Galveston are asking for.

Jarvis Buckley

Simple solution on seawall. Speed limit 36 mile per hour.

Bailey Jones

lol - I was thinking the same thing.

Don Schlessinger

me 2

Bobby Pope

City council was too stupidly to see the consequences of lowering the speed limit. Stevie Wonder could have seen this coming. Idiots change the speed limit on the Seawall to 36 MPH. That’s too cheap and easy.

Alexander Nelson

Why can’t people see that current city administration is the common denominator here? It’s a city manager form of government. The police are overworked, underfunded, and overwhelmed and if you think they can handle the extra task of policing golf carts on the seawall and service citizens at the height of summer I have oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you. The city council opened Pandora’s box with the golf carts on the seawall and now business have made significant investment into a feasible business model we all see it in the large number of carts, they are here plain and simple. While I don’t like carts on the seawall as a citizen I live with it. When you limit them now they will crowd the back streets and crowding the only way citizens get around in the summer. It’s bad decision after bad decision and this type of reactionary planning just causes more and more issues. Our city government has created a compounded mound of problems and put burdens on organizations which are already overburdened. It seems the squeaky wheels get greased up but what do you do when the axles are shot?!?

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