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Gary Scoggin

At least they are not suspending themselves from the Causeway bridge.

Carlos Ponce

If they walk the same path Donald Neely was perp walked it will be a short march. I suggest they tether themselves with a line attached to a horse rider for dramatic effect. Keep it civil. But please don't chant those clichéd phrases like "NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!". They're trite.

Ron Woody

First, I want to acknowledge Mr. Leon Phillips for his statement about the March. The issue is about a homeless man arrested numerous times in a short period of weeks that has a mental illness. Mr. Phillips, thank you for your reason.

To my knowledge it has been determined that the Police Officers followed policy, it was determined that it is a bad policy and it has been changed. The fact that the police officers may have been rash to do what they did, does not make them or the Galveston Police Department racist, or as the current emotional, hyperbolic terminology of the day "Systematically Racist".

Second, I find it very interesting that the GDN felt the need to identify Mr. Phillips as black. If it was necessary to identify Mr. Phillips race when he is obviously, exhibiting "the content of his character..." with his statements, why does GDN not feel the need to identify the legal status of criminals.

I am much more concerned and interested about a criminals legal status, than Mr. Phillips' or anyone else's skin color. Just find it a bit ironic.

Randy Chapman

I hope they do as always and use horseback to police the crowds. No one has ever had an issue when they do it during Mardi Gras.

Miceal O'Laochdha

No Presidential candidates coming for this? They are missing a great opportunity. Cory Booker could explain how these situations are handled in Newark...

James Lippert

She-Jack will prolly be there, mugging for the cameras..

Harvey Mueller

Re-read the story. She-Jack will be there. She just cannot resist a photo-op.

Wayne Holt

As the president of our HOA, I would like to know what accommodation the City has made to allow resident taxpayers in our building to leave our parking exit during this event. The City apparently intends to use non-movable barriers at the end of a one way (Church) street, which in effect would bottle us up for the entirety of this march.

If this is the case, there is going to be a problem as someone else's right to protest does not give the City the authority to close off our right of property egress.

Mr. Maxwell, you are often a reader of these columns. Can you tell us what are the options the City has planned for to allow us to transit to and from Church St. to 23rd St and beyond...or will we be forced to drive the wrong way on Church to 22nd just to be able to leave our residence?

We covered this issue before during the golf cart parade and I said at time we DID NOT want a repetition of this type of problem locking us in and yet this is exactly what is happening.

I am waiting on your response to this inquiry.

Wayne Holt

It's been a bit over 12 hours and I haven't seen a response here, nor do I find anything on the City website relevant to this reasonable request to get information from City government. Is there something I am missing or is this another instance of downtown residents being invisible to those who are elected to represent us?

David Collins, our City Council representative, has been scheduled to speak to downtown HOAs at a meeting in our building beginning at the same time as the march today. I am very sure he will be asked, among other topics, about the legality of these repeat closures to our only parking exit as well as the related issue of fencing off downtown and charging admission (that is funneled to promoters) to enter and use the streets and sidewalks we pay for year 'round.

Brian Maxwell

Somebody just told me you posted this.....

You will have complete access to church and will able to exit on 23rd to head north. This is not a closure, just a detour for a few hours.

Sorry it took over 12 hours. A more effective way to communicate and get answers quickly is to call or email us as we typically don’t use newspaper forums as a way to answer questions, especially on nights and weekends. I answer my phone and email pretty much 24/7. Contact me anytime.

Have a great day!


Wayne Holt

Thank you for that response, Brian. I did not see a march route on the City website in any prominent or other place on the City website that showed street closures; that may be something that can be provided to affected residents to avoid having to make repeated individual calls or emails to you in the future.

This doesn't require an additional response here but for the record: there are concrete traffic barriers at the intersection of Church and 23rd. My assumption is that they will be placed diagonally at that intersection to provide passage from Church since the story reports the march will turn on Church @23rd and march to 24th St. These are the kinds of details residents should be provided in an easily accessible forum ahead of events to avoid repeat questions and confusion about access to public streets. Thank you again for your response.

Wayne Holt

Sorry this wasn't added in my previous response: Column to the left of this message lists the following:

The city said the following streets will be closed from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Sunday.

- 23rd Street from Broadway to Church Street

- 24th Street from Broadway to Church Street

- Church Street from 23rd Street to 24th Street

Traffic will not be able to drive on those streets during the closures, the city said

Maybe I misunderstand this but this information seems to be in conflict with Brian's post, unless everyone marching in the street on 23rd then must stay on the sidewalk when they turn on Church.

This is an eight-hour operation to accommodate mostly out of town organizers stalking photo ops. Duly noted.

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